Tool to Fix AVI Index File

AVI (Audio video interleaved) is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft. It contains both audio and video tracks in a single file, based on indexing. Index of AVI plays important role in forwarding or backwarding a video. In these events, by repeatedly using AVI slider makes AVI index sensitive. This may lead to corruption in AVI index file. Once AVI index file gets corrupt, the video becomes unplayable in any of the multimedia player.

Consider a situation wherein you had an AVI video, which you used to see always and feel happy. While watching, suddenly this video became unplayable and displayed error as “AVI index is broken, video can’t be accessed”. This is really a painful situation which makes you to think what went wrong with your favorite video footage. But no need to get upset with the issues of broken AVI index file. Nowadays there are many good tools in market for repairing broken AVI video file. One such tool is AVI repair utility, which can repair AVI index file in an efficient way.

Possible scenarios that cause corruption in index of AVI files:

  • If you repeatedly alter or modify AVI slider while playing an AVI video, then it may lead to AVI index corruption.
  • Improper closing of media player while playing AVI video may cause corruption in index file.
  • While transferring AVI video to computer, if it is interrupted due to abrupt shutdown then it may corrupt index of AVI file.
  • When the storage device having AVI videos gets infected by malware programs or viruses, this affects AVI index file and leads to its corruption.
  • AVI index file may get damaged if it is not downloaded properly.
  • Some times due to codec’s problem also AVI index file may become corrupt

Other than these scenarios, there may be several reasons for corruption in AVI index file which results in loss of AVI videos. Once AVI index file gets corrupted, it cannot be fixed manually. You have to use reliable third party tools such as AVI repair software for fixing its broken index file.

Prominent features of AVI repair program:

  • AVI repair software is one of the popular video file fixing utility that has gained many awards for helping users to repair AVI index file after corruption and making it re accessible.
  • This application is free from viruses and also doesn’t damage your original AVI file.
  • It is having simple user interface, by which you can easily fix AVI index file errors without any difficulty. Also provides a professional technical team of 24×7, in case of any assistance in repairing AVI index files.
  • It separates audio and video tracks of AVI file and later adjoins them to generate a playable file. Hence, solving any sort of mismatch between audio and video tracks of a bad AVI video.
  • This application can mend AVI videos that are not playing in VLC player, Quick Time Movie player or any other multimedia player
  • In addition to fixing broken AVI index files, it can also fix DIVX and XVID video formats created by professional DSLR cameras.
  • This tool can be used for repairing AVI index file on different MAC OS like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • AVI repairing tool is also compatible with different Windows OS also.