Software to Recover Files from Memory Card

Memory card is a storage device used in different electronic gadgets such as camera, mobiles, iPods, etc. It is used to store file of different file format such videos, audio, images, documents, etc. There are different brands of memory cards available in market such as SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, etc. Sometimes files stored in memory card get deleted or lost due to certain reason such as power failure, human error, improper ejection, etc.

Under such terrible situation, no need to worry, you can make use of Recover Memory Card to recover files from different brand of memory cards. Memory card recovery software restores deleted files from memory card easily. This software is reliable and user friendly so that both technical and non technical user can recover flees in few steps. It is the fastest application available online to recover different files.

Scenarios for deletion of files from memory card

Accidental Deletion: Delete is one of the most crucial options on any storage device. If we accidentally make use of this option then there is no manual way to retrieve them back. Same kind of situation is encountered when you delete some of the files while previewing.

Unintentional Formatting: Every now and then we need to format memory card. However, if this option is used without any reason then all the saved files gets wiped out in matter of seconds.

Improper Ejection: If you are ejecting memory card connected to system abruptly without following proper procedure then there is high possibility that some files from memory card become unreachable. You can also use this tool to recover camera SD card without any issue.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons for loss of files from memory card such as improper handling of memory card, file system corruption, virus attack, error while file system conversion, and many more. Under all these circumstances you can easily use this Recover Memory Card software to recover files from memory card.

Precaution to overcome the scenario

  • Always upgrade your antivirus with latest version.
  • Back up all your important files from memory card.
  • Follow proper procedure while ejecting memory cards from system.

Features of Recover Memory Card Software

  • Recover Memory Card tool is easy to install on different versions of Windows (Windows2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, etc) and Mac (Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc)
  • This software is also compatible in recovering files from different brands of brands of memory cards such as SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, etc.
  • It has an outstanding feature known as Save Recovery Session which allows user to save the recovery timing.
  • User is able to recover files from memory cards which are of different file formats.
  • Demo version is available which allows user to retrieve files from memory card effectively. In demo version user can only preview the recovered files, save option is available after purchasing the application.
  • Technical support team provides help to user who finds any difficulty while accessing the software.
  • It is one of the fastest applications to recover deleted or lost files from memory card.