Simple Way to Repair Outlook PST File

Being Outlook users, you must be aware about .pst file, it is an important component of MS Outlook application, which holds all the email messages along with other information which a user saves in his profile. But few of you know that all the data including Calendar, Appointments, Emails, etc. are stored in a single .pst file and it is prone to corruption.

Outlook works very well for long time, but one day instead of opening normally, it just pops up an error and exit.  The most common reason for this reason is .pst file corruption. Sometimes, a .pst file corruption may obsess your complete day. Luckily few people may have a backup of .pst file but not all. If anyone faces .pst file corruption without backup, the only possible thing is, repairing it using some good PST recovery software. You might be thinking that how does this .pst file corruption happen? There are various factors which influence .pst file corruption, few of them are listed here.
File size limitation: Most of the previous versions of Outlook cannot handle the .pst file when it reaches 2GB, which may easily get corrupted.

Abnormal termination of Outlook: Since .pst file is in database format, if incorrect or incompletely into the .pst file may get corrupt. This will happen, if your Outlook terminates abnormally due to some application failure, system crash or power surge, etc.

Corruption due to third party application: It may corrupt due to third party applications like anti-virus scanning, firewall actions, virus or malware infections, etc.

Regardless of the reason, as I noted before if you land up with .pst file corruption without backup, recovery tool is the only option. They will also guide you how to repair PST file with their interface.

As an initiative step uses the built-in inbox repair tool scanpst.exe, provided by Microsoft Corporation along with Outlook, if you still unable to repair your .pst file, then you need to step up to any third party application such as Repair Outlook PST. It will help you to overcome from this issue, even if you .pst file is completely damaged. This applications reads and extract the entire content of your corrupted .pst file and create a new one, which will be having all your data along with the previous settings.

One such product which I would like to suggest you personally is, Repair Outlook PST. It is developed by a company, which is expert in developing data recovery software, with an intelligent scanning algorithm. It is able to repair the password protected and encrypted .pst files and will recover the data from them. You can download Repair Outlook PST tool and evaluate the recovered results.

While selecting any third party tool, don’t rush to pick any product which may put in big trouble. Before selecting any utility, evaluate using demo version and be sure that it can help you or not. Once you have fixed the damaged PST file and recovered the Outlook data, always remember to take a regular backup of your .pst file. It will take a best step whenever you end up with .pst file corruption. In order to fix over size PST file which exceed its 2gb file limit, then follow this URL: