Right procedure to restore Word 2007 document

Undelete is the method of recovering and restoring accidentally deleted or lost data from different type of storage devices like hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives and FireWire drives. When a file is deleted from your hard drive, the entry in the file allocation table is deleted and the deleted file is designated as being situated in the Recycle Bin directory. Actually, the file is removed from the root directory of the partition and renamed therefore, the file is not visible in the partition from where you have deleted the file. For instance, consider you have deleted a file called myfile.doc from hard drive and it is residing in the Recycle Bin of Windows OS. After deleting this file, it is renamed like Dc1.doc. The original location and name of the file is stored in a hidden index file, which is named as INFO. This hidden index file is situated in the root directory of Recycle Bin. The INFO file is very important, when you want to restore accidentally deleted file back to the hard drive. Because, the INFO file allows deleted files to be automatically restored to their original location. While restoring deleted files from Recycle Bin, the original path can be retrieved from the INFO file then the files are renamed and restored back to their original name and path.

Recycle Bin is not able to store deleted files in some circumstances like deletion of files using ‘Shift+Delete’ keys and deletion of files from removable storage devices. In these cases, the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin is resulting in data loss. If the size of deleted file is larger than the Recycle Bin size then also Recycle bin does not store the file, instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin. The earlier versions of Microsoft Operating systems like MS-DOS 5.0 to MS-DOS6.2 were able to restore deleted files using the UNDELETE command. But, if you are using other improved versions of Windows like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista then the UNDELETE command does not restore any deleted data. If you want to recover lost documents from these operating systems then you need to use proper file recovery software.

If you have already have the data backup then no need to worry because, you can restore deleted files from the backup file. If  the backup file is not available and you have deleted some Word 2007 documents then you need to choose the relevant file recovery tool to restore word 2007 document from hard drive. If you want to recover lost or deleted Word documents from the file recovery software then you should not copy or save new data over hard drive to avoid permanent data loss.

File Recovery software helps you to recover lost or deleted Word documents from hard drive. This software has an ability to recognize and recover different file formats based on their unique signature. You can downloadhttp://wordrepairrecovery.com free demo version to evaluate recovery chances.