How to Restore Corrupted Partitions of windows OS?

Anyone of you looking to restore data from corrupt partition on Lenovo idea pad laptops? If yes then here is a solution for your problem. Partition of hard drive is nothing but the process of dividing the memory or storage area into different sections, each section is called as a disk. If you want to install more than one operating system then you need partitioning in your computer. If you lose or delete partition or if you are facing any severe issues regarding to the corruption of partition then you can use partition recovery software. This software helps you to restore corrupted partitions with atmost ease.

How partitions may get corrupt?

While formatting/ re-formatting and repartition: By using third party tool, if you are trying to format/re-format or repartition your system hard drive  then, during this if any error occurs like sudden system shutdown and process get interrupted then it may lead to loss of data.

Virus or malware attack: Virus or malware attack causes the deletion of system log files which leads to stored data loss from the hard drive partition.

Improper use of Windows Disk Management: If you use Windows Disk Management utility to create partitions, to extend partition or to shrink partition in improper way then it may lead to loss of data.

These are the very common causes which lead to damage of partitions. If you want to prevent the corruption of partitions then you can follow the following mentioned steps. You can keep updated antivirus to avoid virus or malware attack.

  • You must use UPS to avoid sudden power loss.
  • To partition the hard drive you should use trustworthy third party tool.
  • The most important thing always maintain a backup of important data.

Still many of you may lose your hard drive partitions then in such case you can use the best partition recovery tool. Before purchasing the software you can use its demo version. The demo version will show your lost or deleted data. If you feel satisfied with your recoverable results then you can go with that software.

Here is one of the most popular and best partition recovery tool,Which helps you to recover lost or deleted files and folders from corrupted / damaged partitions. This software helps you to recover all lost photos, audio files, video files as well as other important file types. This software is capable to recover nearby 300 file types. The software has an inbuilt search engine which helps to find lost or missed partitions from the hard drive. The software helps to recover data from corrupted file systems like NTFS, FAT. And also this software also helps you to perform hard drive recovery when it is crashed or does not able to boot. You can download the free trial version of this software and preview your recovery results. This software is compatible with all the Windows latest versions like, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP etc.