Guide to Repair AVI Codec Error

AVI files contain digital information in both audio and video file developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is widely used because it can be playback with variety of media players. It allows users to explore the stored information which can be visual, audio or both. AVI files are one type of file format which ends up with file extension .avi.

This is one side of information about the AVI files while coming to the other side AVI files are depends on the codes. With the help of the Codec, audio and video stream are arrange in the AVI files. Codec is a way of computer program used for coding and decoding of the data. These are used to encode stream and signal which help in easy transmission or any storage. This codec programmer files   are used in many application like video files, video conferencing, streaming media and different video streaming applications as because of its wide applications.

Let us see the use of codec in one scenario for an example- As we all know the function of camera, it is used to collect the digital data and save it for further use. In a video camera stores the signals into ADC which analog to digital compressor and then thus file is needed to undergo the compressor. With thus video compressor performs for the storage or the any transmission of files. The receive file run the signals through the video decompressor and then it converts to digital to analog converter which display the information of files.

Normally it works well on all the different media players, but sometimes codec error will takes place. Due to this error, An AVI file become inaccessible and doesn’t work on any media player. At this stage, you need to fix AVI codec error file with the help of the software. To get the software, you need to download the full version of it in order to perform the task to repair AVI codec error with ease. This Repair AVI Software tool works well to repair inaccessible file with the help of its strong inbuilt algorithm. Before knowing more about this tool features and applications, let u s know the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI files.

Reasons for the codec error in AVI files:

  • When the codec is not properly downloaded, then it leads to the inaccessible of file s which is due to the codec error.
  • If you are trying to change the file format of AVI file, then there is chance that codec error takes place. If the codec error occurs then the AVI file becomes useless.
  • The other reason for the codec error is the missing of the code of the AVI file, then that particular file become inaccessible.
  • When the virus attack to the file, then the file gets corrupt and it will be no use until it repairs. This is the general reason for the inaccessible of file

Whatever the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI file, Repair AVI Utility allows you to access file again with the help of its features. The different features of this repair tool are discussed below.

  • It works well on almost all the different versions of Mac OS
  • With the help of this software, you can also repair the different formats like DivX, MP4, and Avi etc.
  • It also supports the latest version Windows operating system.