Extra Ordinary Application to Rescue Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted essential files from system while wiping out useless files? If your answer is yes, then do not bother about it, be calm. Now it is very easy for any user to get back deleted files within simple steps. It is an intolerable moment for you to face file deletion situation and it is impossible to predict the importance of deleted files. Therefore, in order to bring back deleted files you need to make use of widely used software to restore formatted partition data deleted during re-installing of Operating system. This software is able to get back more than 280 file types.

This software is beneficial when you face below-mentioned file deletion situations as antivirus scanning, emptying Recycle bin/trash, bypassing Recycle bin / Trash, etc. Let us discuss these in detail:

Antivirus scanning: When you download any file from the internet there might be possibilities of virus entry with that file. When you store such file on your computer, the virus may severely corrupt your files present on the particular drive. If your system does not have updated antivirus tool at that you might use untrusted third-party tools to perform detailed scanning of drives by keeping virus infected files as it is and if that deleted data is important for you, then it may bring about the situation like data deletion.

Emptying Recycle bin / Trash: The trash / Recycle bin is nothing but temporary storage device of computer. If you delete any file from system it will not completely delete from file system, it will go to Recycle bin/trash. Assume a case, where you are completely deleting files by using Shift + Delete or Command + Shift + Delete. After the deletion, you realize that deleted file is very important for you then it is highly toughest moment if you do not have backup resulting in data deletion.

Bypassing trash / recycle bin: Recycle / trash stores data up to a exact size limit 2 GB. When you delete a corresponding file from a computer, it stores in Recycle bin/trash. For example, if that file is of 3 GB then that deleted file exceeds the size limit of 2 GB and bypasses the Recycle bin/trash resulting in file deletion.

This reliable software is able to get back deleted files from hard drives of various types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. with few clicks of a mouse. It has the capacity to support a recovery of deleted files from different brands of hard drives like Toshiba, Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi, etc. This utility is able to retrieve deleted files from external hard drives like pen drives, USB drives, Thumb drive, etc. with ease. It is a read-only tool while performing recovery of erased data it does not make any harm to original data. This application allows you to preview data before storing it on a computer. This sophisticated program is able to recover deleted data on Windows and Mac OS of several versions. It also recovers files deleted using Windows command prompt with great ease.