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Windows Recovery Software to Recover Corrupt Word Files on Windows OS

“Hi, Friends!! I am using Dell laptop with Windows 10 OS installed on it. Recently some of the Word files in my system get corrupted. I’m not sure about what actually happened and why they are corrupted. But now I want to fix those Word files as those Word files are very important for me. So if anyone knows how to perform Word repair recovery then please share with me. Thanks in Advance!!”

If you are trying hard to repair Word files on Windows OS, then here is the suggested utility that can effectively perform Windows Word repair recovery with ease. But before knowing about it let’s just first look at the factors which cause corruption of Word files.

  • File system corruption
  • Improper shut down of system
  • Hardware problems or failure
  • Power surge while working on Word files that are not saved
  • Software crash or freeze, resulting in data not being saved
  • Errors while transferring Word files
  • Sudden System Termination while working on Word files
  • Various error messages while accessing Word files
  • Corrupt storage media
  • Downloading process interrupt
  • Unreliable recovery software
  • Header corruption
  • Improper termination of Microsoft Word application
  • Round tripping repeatedly i.e., converting .docx format to .doc format and vice versa
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Trying to access Word file with unsupported MS Word application

There are some other reasons behind corruption of Word files on Windows OS but don’t get panic as you can opt Word Repair Recovery software to repair corrupted Word files within few mouse clicks on all major versions of Windows based operating system.

Some tips to avoid corruption of Word files:

  • Always maintain backup of vital Word files in any secondary storage device.
  • Install good antivirus program to avoid of corruption of Word files due to virus infection.
  • Don’t connect any unknown devices which is having virus for sharing process.

Features of Word Repair Recovery Software:

  • Demo version of the software is available at no cost so that you can use this repairing tool to preview the repaired Word files before restoration.
  • It is read-only software which will not alter or modify the original file during the scanning process.
  • This software works on all major versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows X, Windows Vista, etc.
  • It supports all major versions of Word files such as 2013, 2010, 2007, 2000, etc.
  • The software is also capable of restoring hyperlinks, objects, styles, OLE objects, text, clip arts, bullets lists from the corrupted Word files.
  • With the help of this option, you can save the re-scanning time of the drive which would be helpful after purchasing of full version of the tool.
  • Using this software, you can also info about how to repair encrypted Word files with ease.
  • It repairs DOC and DOCX files within few clicks of the mouse.
  • The software is capable of fixing highly compressed and password protected Word documents.

Corrupt Word File Repair

One of the worse situation for the MS Office user is when the Word document corruption. Corruption of Word file can happen due to any reasons such as malware attack, abrupt power failure, interruptions during Word file saving process, etc. When the Word file has corrupted there is some process which you need to know. Corrupted Word files can be usually repaired. MS Office itself can fix some corrupted Word files, applying a few simple steps and easy manual tricks you can repair corrupted Word file in just a few minutes. Below mentioned is some of the ways by which you can repair corrupted Word files manually on the MS Office.

Computer Switch, Instead of wasting the time trying other options on the Word file, try to open up the Word file on other computer. Some computers act differently and corrupted Word files may works on other computer. You can do this by copying the Word document to external flash drive and then opening on the different computers. You can save file in other format also to repair corrupted Word file. Other method is to make use of the Open and repair operation which is available on the Word document.

If none of these above manual method work and the Word file is too vital then there are programs like Corrupt Word file repair tool which easily repairs severely corrupted Word files. Word repair tool is an outstanding solution for repairing corrupted .doc files and recovering valid data from corrupted .doc files of MS Word. This software helps you in repairing corrupt .doc by scanning technology.

Reasons for the corruption of Word file are mentioned below

  • Use of complex nested table
  • Template corruption
  • Unexpected or accidental alteration that occurs in document text due to CRC error can corrupt the Word file
  • Corruption cause due to MS Word upgrade
  • Existing Word file gets corrupted due to operating system reinstallation
  • Word file corrupted because of interruption which has occur during file transfer from one place to other within the drive or between the storage media
  • Macro viruses can insert unwanted text to the document that cause damage to the original text of the Word file
  • Abrupt shut down of the system while processing a Word file cause severe corruption

If you try to open the corrupted Word file, you can come across some error messages like

  • Word file .doc fails to open
  • Word file unable to open the existing [] in template file
  • MS Office Word file stopped working. Problem caused the program to stop working and will be closed informing you for the solution is available

Generation of above error messages results in loss of data from the corrupted Word .docx files. In such situation it is very much necessary to prefer the third party tool of Word repair tool. This Word repair tool proves to be the most prominent software for repairing corrupted Word .docx file. Repair Word software is done on your own system in only a few seconds, safely and confidentially.

Easy Method to Recover Lost Documents from Mac

Mac computers are the best computers with Graphical User Interface and lots of other advanced features. You can have lots of applications on the Mac computers. You can even create Word file on your Mac system now. You can design the Word file by utilizing its features as you do on Windows systems. The fonts, alignment, header, picture, table, etc. can be added to make the files impart the information in an effective manner.

You may lose the Word documents from the Mac system sometimes. If you have deleted the files by chance then it is more painful. Suppose you have pressed the keys Shift + Command + Delete. This empties the Trash. You without knowing the functionality of the key combination operated it. You had some important Word files on the computer. The files with research documentation, notes, project details, etc. information are lost then which were about to restore from Trash. Don’t lose your heart at the loss of the files. There is a way out of it. You can retrieve deleted document using recovery software. Word Recovery Software helps you to recover Word files efficiently.

Some of the scenarios in which Word files are lost:

Accidental deletion: The Word files on Mac computers may be deleted accidentally on the computer. In that case, you will lose the files and the data in it. If you do not have the backup also to restore then you can recover the files using recovery software. Word Recovery Software can be used to recover the files effectively.

Empty Trash: When you empty the Trash, you will lose the Word files from Trash. If you had any important Word file in Trash then the file will be lost forever. If you do not have the other copy of the Word file then you can recover the file from Trash using recovery software. Word Recovery Software helps you to recover the files easily.

Format Mac drive: The Mac drive can be formatted using format option. You can improve the speed of the Mac processor. The file list will be removed from the File System of Mac drive. In that case, you need to recover files using recovery software. Word Recovery Software can be used to recover files easily from formatted Mac drive.

Command + Delete: If you perform Command + Delete operation on the Word files then the Word files will bypass the Trash and you will lose the files forever. If you want those files back as there was some important information on the Word file. Then you can use recovery software to get back those files. Word Recovery Software helps you the best to recover lost Word files.

Advanced features of Word Recovery Software:

The Word Recovery Software helps you to rescue lost document from Mac machine successfully. You can recover files from Mac OS like Mac OS X 10.5.x and above versions including Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. The software can recover files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 File System on Mac computer. You can get back files from iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. You can restore lost DOC files as well as DOCX files using the software. The software has powerful scanning mechanism to recover the files. You can even recover files like pictures, videos, etc. using the software. You can recover files from external drives also on the computer like USB drive, FireWire drive, etc. with the software.

Simple procedure to recover Word document on Mac:

Install the software on the Mac machine and fire it up. Look for the appropriate scenario from the main screen of the software. Select the one suiting your Word file loss scenario to proceed. Select the drive from which Word file is lost. Select the file type as Word files and scan the drive. The software scans the drive and displays all the Word files on the screen. Save the ones you need on the drive of the computer. You can save the recovery session to avoid rescanning. You can resume this session whenever you need to view the Word files. You can even scan for other lost or deleted files on the Mac drive using the software. Make most of it.


  • Always keep the backup of the files in external drive to restore the files in emergency
  • Be cautious before deleting any Word file permanently
  • Use UPS to avoid data loss due to sudden power outage