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Guide to Repair AVI Codec Error

AVI files contain digital information in both audio and video file developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is widely used because it can be playback with variety of media players. It allows users to explore the stored information which can be visual, audio or both. AVI files are one type of file format which ends up with file extension .avi.

This is one side of information about the AVI files while coming to the other side AVI files are depends on the codes. With the help of the Codec, audio and video stream are arrange in the AVI files. Codec is a way of computer program used for coding and decoding of the data. These are used to encode stream and signal which help in easy transmission or any storage. This codec programmer files   are used in many application like video files, video conferencing, streaming media and different video streaming applications as because of its wide applications.

Let us see the use of codec in one scenario for an example- As we all know the function of camera, it is used to collect the digital data and save it for further use. In a video camera stores the signals into ADC which analog to digital compressor and then thus file is needed to undergo the compressor. With thus video compressor performs for the storage or the any transmission of files. The receive file run the signals through the video decompressor and then it converts to digital to analog converter which display the information of files.

Normally it works well on all the different media players, but sometimes codec error will takes place. Due to this error, An AVI file become inaccessible and doesn’t work on any media player. At this stage, you need to fix AVI codec error file with the help of the software. To get the software, you need to download the full version of it in order to perform the task to repair AVI codec error with ease. This Repair AVI Software tool works well to repair inaccessible file with the help of its strong inbuilt algorithm. Before knowing more about this tool features and applications, let u s know the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI files.

Reasons for the codec error in AVI files:

  • When the codec is not properly downloaded, then it leads to the inaccessible of file s which is due to the codec error.
  • If you are trying to change the file format of AVI file, then there is chance that codec error takes place. If the codec error occurs then the AVI file becomes useless.
  • The other reason for the codec error is the missing of the code of the AVI file, then that particular file become inaccessible.
  • When the virus attack to the file, then the file gets corrupt and it will be no use until it repairs. This is the general reason for the inaccessible of file

Whatever the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI file, Repair AVI Utility allows you to access file again with the help of its features. The different features of this repair tool are discussed below.

  • It works well on almost all the different versions of Mac OS
  • With the help of this software, you can also repair the different formats like DivX, MP4, and Avi etc.
  • It also supports the latest version Windows operating system.

Can I Repair Corrupted AVI Files?

Yes, off course it’s possible to fix corrupted AVI files from this AVI repair tool.

AVI is a multimedia format configuration which is represented by Microsoft. They display incredible quality of video at a small file size itself. These files contain video and audio file codecs, in which it stores the files digitally. AVI files can be opened in any prominent feature player like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player and web based storage gadgets like Google Drive.

In spite of that AVI files has various advantages like high reliability, Microsoft and non-Microsoft operating system support and so on. However, due to some reasons, these AVI files gets corrupted. It is one of the more continuous issues where every user may have come across in their life. Also, automated photos and videos may get accidentally corrupted or damaged due to errors and different aspects. In such cases some of the files can’t be accessible which have been saved already. Under such circumstances, how can I fix corrupted AVI files? We will come into that after discussing AVI file corruption situations

Reasons behind AVI file corruption:

  • If error occurs while changing AVI files into any other file format, then there are chances of AVI files getting corrupted. If such unperformed things happen to AVI file then there is no manual way to fix AVI issues.
  • Utilization of any inadequate or unreliable media players to play AVI files can bring complete damage to these files.
  • Due to external attack like malware, virus, spyware. Due to this AVI files get infected
  • While accessing your AVI files if sudden shut down of your PC occurs then it leads to corrupt your file.

To resolve this issue just move with this AVI Repair Software

Why to choose AVI record repair Software:

This product holds useful for its remarkable features:

  • Repairs corrupted or damaged AVI, DivX and XviD file format that don’t play effectively or don’t play at any cost
  • Predetermined AVI files can be played both on Windows and Mac OS
  • AVI File Repair software never manages with the video quality i.e. the way of AVI video files stays stable even after repairing AVI video files.
  • Solid innovation to change undetermined AVI document on Windows or Mac.
  • Effectively changes AVI files that are saved on memory cards, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, USB hard drives, External hard drives etc.

Use trial version of this repair product, where it shows preview of the repaired files. This engages one to survey the trial version before purchasing this product. This product additionally supports devices like Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, and USBs and so on. Simply find AVI record repair tool, download it and introduce on your PC, after that begin utilizing this product to fix corrupted AVI files.

By utilizing this AVI repair software the files will alter its issue at a quick rate, moreover this product will be easy to understand and don’t require any extra capacities to move with this product.

Tool to Fix AVI Index File

AVI (Audio video interleaved) is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft. It contains both audio and video tracks in a single file, based on indexing. Index of AVI plays important role in forwarding or backwarding a video. In these events, by repeatedly using AVI slider makes AVI index sensitive. This may lead to corruption in AVI index file. Once AVI index file gets corrupt, the video becomes unplayable in any of the multimedia player.

Consider a situation wherein you had an AVI video, which you used to see always and feel happy. While watching, suddenly this video became unplayable and displayed error as “AVI index is broken, video can’t be accessed”. This is really a painful situation which makes you to think what went wrong with your favorite video footage. But no need to get upset with the issues of broken AVI index file. Nowadays there are many good tools in market for repairing broken AVI video file. One such tool is AVI repair utility, which can repair AVI index file in an efficient way.

Possible scenarios that cause corruption in index of AVI files:

  • If you repeatedly alter or modify AVI slider while playing an AVI video, then it may lead to AVI index corruption.
  • Improper closing of media player while playing AVI video may cause corruption in index file.
  • While transferring AVI video to computer, if it is interrupted due to abrupt shutdown then it may corrupt index of AVI file.
  • When the storage device having AVI videos gets infected by malware programs or viruses, this affects AVI index file and leads to its corruption.
  • AVI index file may get damaged if it is not downloaded properly.
  • Some times due to codec’s problem also AVI index file may become corrupt

Other than these scenarios, there may be several reasons for corruption in AVI index file which results in loss of AVI videos. Once AVI index file gets corrupted, it cannot be fixed manually. You have to use reliable third party tools such as AVI repair software for fixing its broken index file.

Prominent features of AVI repair program:

  • AVI repair software is one of the popular video file fixing utility that has gained many awards for helping users to repair AVI index file after corruption and making it re accessible.
  • This application is free from viruses and also doesn’t damage your original AVI file.
  • It is having simple user interface, by which you can easily fix AVI index file errors without any difficulty. Also provides a professional technical team of 24×7, in case of any assistance in repairing AVI index files.
  • It separates audio and video tracks of AVI file and later adjoins them to generate a playable file. Hence, solving any sort of mismatch between audio and video tracks of a bad AVI video.
  • This application can mend AVI videos that are not playing in VLC player, Quick Time Movie player or any other multimedia player
  • In addition to fixing broken AVI index files, it can also fix DIVX and XVID video formats created by professional DSLR cameras.
  • This tool can be used for repairing AVI index file on different MAC OS like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
  • AVI repairing tool is also compatible with different Windows OS also.


Affordable tool to Repair AVI file on Mac Machine

Are you encountering errors while playing AVI video file? Do not worry; this article gives you a brief description about how to repair AVI files. Eventually, user may face situation like distorted blocks while seeing image, etc. All these problems are due to AVI video file corruption. This article introduces you to how to keep audio and video side by side.

Sometimes, while downloading your favorite video from internet there may be possibilities of AVI video file get corrupted due to sudden power failure. In such case, you may not bear this type of AVI file corruption and you start to search for appropriate tool to conquer such problem. By using this top rated and highly ranked tool named as mend AVI file software, which can fix AVI files corrupted due to changing AVI video file format conversion. This will leads to AVI file corruption making them inaccessible.

In some cases, if you are downloading your favorite video from internet and during downloading that to your computer there may be possibilities of corrupting supported file of video from storage device due to corruption of storage device. Under this case, if you use this cost effective software it yields good result.

Possible factors responsible for AVI file corruption:

Journal corruption: Journal files contain all the necessary information required for Mac system to bring back to earlier working condition. These files keep continuous record of changes made to the files present on the hard disk. The journal files get corrupt due to system software failure; it occurs because of fault in a computer program and leads to AVI file corruption.

Sudden system shutdown: In case, you are transferring one favorite video file from memory card to system via data cable, during this process if any interruption like unexpected shutdown occurs then it make your favorite video file to become corrupt.

AVI file corruption: While playing AVI video files from your digital camera, if the corresponding digital camera gets off meanwhile due to low battery. This might result in corruption of AVI file making them inaccessible.

This software helps you to mend corrupt AVI file on Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. This application can fix severely damaged AVI video file of any size with few clicks of mouse. This program is designed with progressive fixing algorithms to perform scanning of corrupted AVI file with few steps. It has the capacity to mend corrupted DivX, Xvid files. This application can repair AVI files from MacBook and MacBook Pro editions of Apple laptop. It can mend corrupt AVI files from memory card of different types like SD card, CF card, XD card, etc of numerous popular brands like Sony, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, etc. The most affordable tool is able to repair corrupted AVI file from digital camera and digicam of various brands like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, etc.

Safety precautions to be taken by an individual to avoid AVI corruption are as follows:

You need to check memory space of your storage device before downloading AVI video files on your system. Do not download AVI file from third party tool available on internet. Maintain supported backup AVI video files on any of other storage devices for example memory card, USB drive, etc.

Best software to repair AVI file

Software that plays audio or video clips in systems can be extremely known as.avi file format which was released by Microsoft and users utilize it since that time. These files are extremely used all over the world as this is the best format to keep the video and audio together. These files are really good and you can quickly realize ways in which files get corrupted easily.

An AVI file frequently gets corrupted and as a result of this it rejects to play on any media player. At this situation the people can believe that the file is finished forever, but that is not correct. The file when corrupted will skip the media player. The corrupted video file can probably be fixed using repair software and definitely will return to the healthy file format. The users are very impressed by this repair tool and in fact it is true, the file after corruption could possibly be fixed and can be used as before. This process of repairing the file isn’t feasible if attempted manually or by using good media player too.

In order to repair AVI file you may use AVI repair software. This software is made on your own calculations that could repair various AVI files and allowed to return the healthy file as it was before corruption. Appoint repair AVI software, which certainly fix the corrupted AVI file. You just need to go through a few mouse clicks and repair large AVI file within a matter of minutes. So when your favorite AVI video file corrupted, don’t think how to repair AVI, instead download this software and bring your file back to play.

You can find various vide file formats like .avi, .wmv.vlc etc and you can utilize specific software to fix corrupted file. It is because if you work with the specific repairing software then can repair your video file securely. This repair AVI file software is actually effective that it could repair .avi files as it contains the advanced features to fix the error and really works well to make file as error free. This software contains the feature of compatibility with OS as it supports both Mac and Windows operating system. This software has the user help guide to receive the full direction for repairing files and apart there’s 24*7 technical supports in the favor of user.

Safety measures to keep AVI files that could keep your file away from corruption:

  • Create a backup before sharing your files over unsecured network.
  • Create restoring points to make certain that to get the files back at particular reason of time.
  • Always maintain an up-to-date antivirus in the system to ensure that virus attack could be avoided.

You need to follow these safety precautions for your file to keep them away from damage. In case if your .avi file is rejected to play on iPod then you should utilize the AVI repair software. You can get trial version of this software and using which repair the corrupted AVI file. This trial version allows you to see repaired file but to save it you need to purchase the complete version of this software.