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Tips to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File

Outlook is one of the best email client managers this will helps you to store your all emails, contacts, journals, personal details etc. Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Outlook. This Outlook 2010 stores maximum 50GB data. Suppose you tried to store more than this maximum size limit data then you will come to know that after some time this PST file will be inaccessible for you. In such kind of situation, how will you recover or restore previously stored data in Outlook PST file? There is the very simple way to fix PST outlook 2010 is by using PST recovery software.

Many Outlook users prefer Outlook 2010 because its productivity is better than the previous versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 & 2007. Though it contains extra features than other one problem is that corruption of data loss there are many reasons behind this some of the reasons for corruption in Outlook 2010 will be like, Your PST file may corrupt due to virus attack. Improper shutdown of your system without closing opened outlook application may lead to corruption of Outlook PST file. Software malfunction is another reason to PST file damage. Compression of large sized Outlook PST file may cause to loss of data.  These are the same common reasons which will also affect to other versions of Outlook. People sometimes try to upgrade their Outlook profile means they try to convert their old version of Outlook to new 2010 version of Outlook.  In such type of situation, there are strong chances of data loss or corruption of these PST files.

To avoid all these problems, you can organize emails efficiently by creating separate folders and storing according to their category. There are some other precautionary steps which you can take care to avoid data loss or to avoid corruption of PST file from Outlook application.

  • Always keep updated antivirus in your system to avoid virus infection.
  • Do not turn off your system very abruptly because this may cause your damage of PST file.
  • Don’t use same PST file in a network so that it will avoid data corruption.
  • Before upgrade of your Outlook profile keep backup of your outlook profile.
  • Always try to shut down your system properly.

By taking care of these entire precautionary steps still if you have same data loss or PST file corruption problems then you have to use PST recovery software which will help you to all your lost or damaged files.  To fix PST by using this PST file recovery software is very easy and it is one of the best repair utility, which offers an effective repair mechanism. It provides two options customize the level of scan and output based on the severity of your PST file corruption. You can download the free demo version of this Repair Outlook (PST) to fix your corrupted PST file. This software does not only help to recover corrupted Outlook 2010 but also helps to recover Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007.

How to Backup Outlook Items?

Now a day’s most of the people prefer to use Microsoft Outlook 2010  because of the additional components that are available by default in Outlook. One of the most essential components in MS Outlook 2010 is address book item. What is an address book and what is the importance of the address book and how it can be used? Here the answer is, address book is used to address email messages, address conventional mails, placing phone calls, to send fax, arranging meetings, assigning tasks etc. A address book in Outlook 2010 saves name, address, email address, phone number etc. It has several fields. But above mentioned fields are commonly used by Outlook users. Outlook saves each of them in the address book item. Outlook saves your Outlook address book within the personal folders file. This address book provides access to the information stored in it. This address book may lose or get corrupt due to errors during compacting, virus attack, while upgrading Outlook, bad HD sectors, spyware etc.

There is the only one way to  get back corrupted or lost PST file At this moment, just the use of the reliable PST repair tool to recover the lost contacts from the PST file. Outlook 2010 address book backup is possible by using this recovery software. User always try to maintain the address book in a separate folder to avoid loss of address book. So you can create multiple contact folders to store your contact items. E.g. you can differentiate between business and personal contacts, you can maintain one folder for your business and separate folder for your personal use. But sometimes these created contact list may get delete or you are unable to open these folders due to virus attack, due to corrupted Outlook header etc. In such case it becomes very useful if you kept any backup of your PST file otherwise to recover back all lost data you need to use Outlook PST recovery software.

In such kind of situation, it is recommended that to recover address book and other Outlook attributes along with the emails you need to use Outlook recovery software. To backup Outlook mails along with the contact list, notes, journals is possible by this software very easily. The software fixes the corrupt PST files from Outlook on Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista operating systems. This software helps to repair PST files that are badly corrupted. This software recovers the corrupt PST files that are damaged due to compression and retrieves the Outlook data from password protected PST files. To recover lost data from PST file you need to download and install the trial version of the software on your system so that you can preview the recovered data.

Tips to repair pst files on Outlook

Personal Storage files are those which could store and manage all of the objects of Microsoft Outlook. These files work as the building block for Outlook. It can manage each of the emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar items and much more.
Microsoft Outlook versions like Outlook 2002 and former versions have only 2 GB limit of file sizes. In the event the quality exceeds this limit and then there are many probability of PST file corruption. Now let us see the normally occurring loss scenarios which resulted in the PST file Corruption.
Corruption of Header Structure: Header will be the part that contains the info related to the specific file, creation dates, and file sizes. If any alterations are designed to this header that brings about the harm in the file structure of PST header in which files get corrupted plus will not open also.

the size limit: Microsoft Outlook can store and manage only 2GB of info. Although different versions of Outlook have different limits of their sizes. If the file exceeds to limit this contributes to the corruption in the PST file.

Opening many emails at a time: This can be nothing but perhaps you try and open many number of emails at a time in so doing outlook can get hanged. Even the processing speed of Outlook will end up very slow.

In order to get reduce all these loss situations of PST files you need to have a backup with the PST files. In that way it is possible to utilize them if you are in need of assistance. PST repair is possible through the use of Outlook Repair Software that is Repair PST File Software.

Features of Repair PST File Software:

This software is well suitable for the several versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This software has the ability to repair password protected files and also encrypted PST files. Here is the best Outlook PST Fix Tool.

Steps to download the application:

Step 1: The 1st task you should do is usually to download and install the repair software for repairing the PST files. You have to launch the application utilizing the shortcut icon that is present around the desktop.

Step 2: Now a new window appears with three different alternatives for example “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. You are able to click on “Open PST File” and now the software program will upload all the corrupted files then click “Next” button.

Step 3: Now a whole new window will appear then choose the scanning method that is needed that is “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan”. Select the button which kind of scanning you must do. Next by hitting “Browse” button you can pick the destination path where you would like to save the repaired files and then after visit “Repair” button.

Step 4: Over the following window you can view the all the recovered files easily.

How to fix corrupt PST file?

There are various causes for PST file corruption. Abrupt system shut down when Outlook is in use, malicious virus contamination, internal software error, problem in storage media, PST file’s 2GB size limitation and improperly exiting Outlook, what ever may be the reason of corruption your important outlook data is endangered. Act fast and wisely when you encounter PST corruption to avoid losing your important data permanently.

Now, arises the question, what after the PST file is corrupted? Will you create a new Outlook account now? What about the important emails in your old account? Are they gone forever? The only solution to get emails back from corrupt PST file is to use Mail Recovery Software. So, if you ever find yourself stuck in PST corruption situations similar to those mentioned above or may be more critical you can always switch to REMO Outlook Mail Recovery (.pst).

There are numerous PST repair software with different features and functions. To ensure complete and easy extraction of your precious data, powerful and reliable PST recovery software is essential. However, before you select a third-party PST repair tool, you should check its quality by executing the trial version. If you feel satisfied with the result provided by the trial version only then go with it to fix the problem.

REMO Recover Outlook (pst) Mail Recovery has the most advanced algorithms ever designed to recover data from Microsoft Outlook email archive files (.pst). It recovers messages, folders, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, task requests, journals and notes from .pst files. All properties, such as subject, to, from, cc, bcc, date, etc., are also recovered. Outlook mail is recovered in plain text, HTML and RTF format. This read-only application just reads damaged / corrupted Outlook .pst file identifies and restores all the found information in a new .pst file. The program application supports recovery and repair of any .pst file contents from MS-Outlook 2000, 2002 / XP, 2003 and 2007 versions.