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Recover lost partition data in an effective way

Are you one, who is searching a recovery tool after losing data from computer partition? After a long effort, you did not find an effective solution to recover partition data. If so then there is no need to fret further, simply because you can recover every bit of partition data by making the use of My Partition Recovery tool. With the help of this tool, you can recover every bit of partition data in an effective way. You can use this tool to retrieve partition data such as audios, videos, documents and various other files. If you are thinking that Windows OS will this software supports then there is no need to worry about the same. You can make use of this tool and effectively recover partition data from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and so on.

Let us go through some real life situation that may lead to loss of data from partition. Data from partition is either corrupted or lost. Corruption is a state in which you become incapable to access file further. Files within the partition might be corrupted due to virus attack. One of the biggest reasons for virus attack is using internet via an insecure channel. If you wish to connect to internet then it is suggested that make all precautionary measures before. When you connect to the web then your system should equip with updated antivirus protection. If you do not have updated antivirus in your system and connect to internet then it may lead to the relocation of virus into system. Further, it might damage system data and partition data too.

Accidental formatting is another issue that may lead to loss of data from computer partition. Often it happens, user formats the partition while installing the operating system by mistake. Partition might be formatted accidentally instead of formatting other partition. Both the cases lead to loss of data from partition. Often you have to format the drive partition unwillingly, it happens when the partition is corrupted or showing formatting error message while exposing. In such situation, you have to format the partition or drive to make partition workable again. After losing data in such a way, you can make use of My Partition Recovery tool and successfully recover partition data with ease.

Whatever be the reason behind the data loss from the partition, you can make use of the above-mentioned tool for effective recovery.  In case, you are the person who has lost data from partition and looking for an answer to a question that is “how to recover lost hard disk partition”. This tool is an answer to all your question and you can make use of this tool and recover important partition data in an effective way.

Software to Recover Data from Damaged partition

images-1Hard drive which is divided into several parts to user convinces is a partition. This is also called as logical drives. Nowadays data loss situation is common due to damaged partition drive. Due to various reasons hard drive may get damaged and stored data/ files such as photos, audios, videos, some document may completely erase from partition. If this is the situation: How damaged partition recovery can be performed?

Before knowing steps to recover data from damaged partition, let us know what are the reasons that cause damage to hard drive partition?

 Different cases where damaged partition recovery software can be efficiently used:

Case 1: When the file system of your device is corrupted due to formatting or reformatting process that makes the entire partition to be damaged and not able to access any files/data on your partition,

Case 2: Virus/malware is the basic hazards which may damage the hard drive partition or corrupt the files and results in huge amount of data loss on your system. To get rid out of this issue use partition recovery application to retrieve data/files from damaged partition.

Case 3: Upgrading the installed OS version may also results in damaging the hard drive partition. Use of third party tool for certain cases and other errors due to bad sectors may damage hard drive partition. This software can be recommended to handle such situations.

Case 4: formatting results in the permanent deletion of data/files from the hard drive. If you fail to have the backups, this third party tool can be effectively used to recover deleted files without any difficulty.

Steps to recover files from damaged partition:

Just follow up with few simple mouse clicks for damaged partition recovery

  • Step 1: Download and install Partition Recovery tool on your Operating system. Next choose the Recover Drive option on the main screen tool.
  • Step 2: Later choose the Partition Recovery option In next screen to recover data from damaged partition.
  • Step 3: Select the partition from the list of drives listed on system from where you lost data/files.
  • Step 4: Scanning process for lost partition will be initiated; once the scan is completed you can preview the restored files in File type view or Data view.
  • Step 5: if you are using demo version of software, purchase the software to save recovered data on your desired location.

Trending features of damaged partition recovery software:

  • This software is extensively used to recover damaged partition having various file system like FAT, NTFS and ExFAT.
  • This recovery tool is platform independent and compatible which performs on all the versions of windows and Mac operating system too.
  • It also supports to recover files from various portable storage devices such as hard drives, USB drives, SSD drive, memory cards, etc.
  • The user friendly nature of the software makes to restore data from damaged partition.

How to Restore Deleted Partition in Windows 10?

Hard drive is one of the main storage devices used in various electronic devices like computers, laptops, etc. It is used to store huge amount of data such as audio, video, images, documents, spread sheets, RAR files, etc. Hard drive is divided into so many logical storage units called partitions. It helps to maintain the system resources in an organized manner and can provide better file management. The main advantage of dividing hard drive into several partitions is that the user can operate two or more operating systems on the same disk for better file management.Restore deleted partition in windows 10

Like any other operating system partition also gets deleted from Windows 10 operating system. It happens due to several unexpected situations like accidental deletion, error in OS re-installation, re-partitioning of hard drive, etc. If you come across the above scenarios don’t waste your time by thinking how to recover deleted partition in windows 10 because a recovery tool is readily available in the market which is named as My Undelete Utility. This software consists of advanced scanning algorithm which scans the entire hard drive and recovers deleted partition very easily.

Reasons behind the deletion of partition:

  • Unintentional Formatting: While upgrading the operating system older application to newer one, if the user unintentionally formats one of the hard drive partitions instead of formatting another then it leads to the deletion of partition. This results in huge data loss from that partition.
  • File System Conversion: While converting the existing file system to another file system if any sort of interruption occurs then it results in the deletion of partition.
  • Disk Utility Failure: While performing the operations like re-sizing, re-partitioning, formatting, re-formatting the hard drive, etc. if the disk utility gets failed due to any interruption then it results in inaccessible of hard drive partitions.
  • Bad Sectors: Due to virus attacks, downloading infected softwares, over usage of hard drive, etc. bad sectors are created on hard drive. If the Bad sector reaches in an enormous level then there may be chances of deletion of hard drive partition.
  • Other Reasons: Some other causes responsible for the deletion of partitions in Windows 10 OS are hard drive crash, MBR corruption, virus attacks, software conflicts, hardware issues, etc.

Features of My Undelete Utility:

This utility is used to restore deleted partition in Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, etc.), and Mac operating system including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite. It has inbuilt scanning algorithm which has the capability to scan the entire hard drive and retrieve deleted the partition within less amount of time. This application is used for recovering more than 300 file types like audio, video, images, documents, program files, EXE files, etc. It is used for recovering deleted partition of various hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. It has the capability to retrieve the ExFAT, NTFS, HFS, FAT, HFSX partitions. This tool is also used to restore deleted the partition from various brands of storage devices like SanDisk, Hitachi, Samsung, etc.

How to Recover Data after Format?

It doesn’t mean that once after formatting the data storage devices like hard drive, flash drive, memory cards etc. user cannot retrieve the data. Even after formatting the data still remains on the storage device itself unless and until it is overwritten. It is now possible to recover data after format on storage devices by making use of appropriate recovery software which helps in getting your data. So we shall proceed further for understanding of retrieval software.Recover Data after Format

“Hi guys, could someone help me out I had faced serious of data loss issue! Couple of days ago my computer crashed a lot due to some virus in the OS. Thinking of formatting my hard disk partitions I accidentally formatted my SanDisk 64GB flash drive unknowingly which had been connected to my computer. This resulted erasure of all my valuable data presented. Can someone please help me out how to perform data recovery after format? Kindly mention me a reliable troubleshooting application. Thanks in advance”.

You could have a practice of keeping all your valuable data in your hard disk or in other external storage devices in order to keep those data safe. You might have thought that the data are secured in those HDD or USB flash drives.  Of course your data will be safe, but there are also possibilities for those storage drives to get formatted due to various reasons like accidentally formatting, intentionally formatting so on. If it happens, you can perform formatted recovery from your hard disk drive, memory card or other external devices using “Formatted Data recovery” software. This tool can recover data from reformatted drive that are converted from one file system to another.

Features of this application:

This utility helps you to rescue data from formatted partitions or even partitions which you have re-installed Windows. Data from hard drive, which are not getting mounted, can also be recovered easily. Data that are lost or deleted from RAID5, RAID1 AND RAID0 can be recovered with the help of this recovering tool. This tool helps you to recover data from Fire Drives, USB external drives, Hard Disks, Flash Drives etc. Data that are deleted or lost from FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5 partitions can also be recovered within a few simple steps.

Some of the causes for data loss due to formatting:

  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card on computer:Sometimes, when you connect your flash memory card to your computer, you may get a dialog message stating “Drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?” During this pop-up window in its place of picking “No” if you inadvertently select “Yes”. Then the memory flash card will get formatted, this may cause to wipeout the entire data available from the card.
  • Formatting the pen drive by using disk management utility: Take this situation, if you are in the plan of formatting an unused partition of your computer hard drive. During which, you may furiously select the external drive partition instead of the hard drive partition. This cause deletion of the whole data presented on partition drive.
  • Formatting during installation / re-installation: This is a very common situation, where you may fortuitously do it. Like, during installation of operating system you may select a wrong partition that holds important files. This results in erasing all the files and folders on the chosen drive and hence leads to data loss due to format.

Software to Recover Files from Windows Partition

Few days ago, my friend decided to increase size of his existing hard disk partition in Windows PC so that, he can save more data in that partition. Using Disk Management Utility started to repartition the hard drive. Instead of shrinking the partition with the other hard drive partition mistakenly he deleted it. Partition which was deleted contained precious data and it is very essential for him to recover data from the deleted Windows partition. He got frustrated, thinking how to retrieve data and which is the best Windows partition recovery tool.

Computer hard drive is an important component in your PC that is used to store huge amount of data. Partitioning hard disk into smaller partition helps users to organize data in a better way. Most of the users prefer to have separate partitions for storing Windows OS files and personal data. Partitioning enables users to use more than one partition in their system. Benefits of creating partitions in hard drive are enormous, In case, if one partition gets corrupted still user can access other partition in their hard drive. But, there may be instances where the data stored in these partitions may get deleted or lost due to various reasons.

However, users often face deletion of Windows hard drive partition problem. Actually, data stored in partition will become inaccessible to user. They find it difficult to perform Windows partition recovery because they are not aware of the best recovery tools available in market. By reading this article you will come to know about an incredible tool which enables partition recovery from Windows PC with ease. Before that, user should know scenarios which can cause deletion or loss of Windows partitions.

 Scenarios that lead to deletion of Windows partition:

  • If operating system fails to boot due to some logical errors then user will have to reinstall the operating system in PC. But, not all users are familiar with this process sometimes user will delete existing partition which lead to whole data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of hard drive partition is a common situation with Windows users while performing hard disk repartitioning by using Disk Management Utility which cause huge deletion of data.
  • Due to severe virus infection on PC which may corrupt master boot record, it is main data structure element which helps us to access hard drive partition. If it is corrupted then all the partition will be lost.

Besides the above mentioned scenarios, there may be other reasons for Windows partition deletion such as partition table corruption, OS crash, unintentional system restore, etc. Irrespective of how you lost your Windows hard disk partition, with the help of windows partition recovery tool you can efficiently recover data from deleted or lost hard disk partition.

Features of Windows Partition Recovery Software:

Windows Partition Recovery tool is developed with advanced hard drive recovery algorithm which enables to scan the entire hard disk drive that helps in safe recovery of lost partition. Most IT industrial experts recommend the computer users to use this application for recovering deleted Windows partition.

Using this utility even you can regain deleted hard disk partition from external HDD. It is capable of recovering deleted partition that is formatted with different file system such as FAT, NTFS, NTFS+, ExtFAT and many more. It is compatible to recover deleted or lost partition from various interface of HDD like IDE, SATA and SCSI and this application also supports various Windows operating system versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and so on.

Partition Recovery Program

Few days back one of my colleague has give an important official file which I stored on C drive partition. And yesterday when he was re-installing the Windows XP, he saw that the partition is lost. He asked me for help that how to restore formatted partition and get back data from that partition? The situation with lost partition arises then the operating system has been re-installed or when the external hard drive is moved to other computer. The following post is written for partition users to know how to restore partition data?

Well, if you have lost partition and looking for the software to restore partition then here is the solution. Partition recovery software is an advanced recovery tool which is intended to all the users who need to recover partitions. This application is designed as a step by step wizard and needs no special skills to understand on how it works and how to perform recovery process. This program performs superlative scan to restore lost data from formatted, lost, deleted, corrupt, reformatted, and re-sized partitions with ease. Go through this page- to get additional details on partition recovery tool.

Some of the notices to prevent partition loss are summarized below

  • Unreliable recovery software is prohibited and use only reliable partition recovery tool
  • Do not use un-updated antivirus tool, use only trustworthy antivirus software
  • Avoid interruption during partition process like system shut down, power failure, etc

Factors responsible for loss of partitions are stated below

  • Header Corruption, Header stores all the necessary details about each partitions present on your hard disk. If this header gets corrupt due to any reasons then you lose access to all the important data from the partition
  • Invalid partition table
  • Boot camp partition error
  • During partition process like creating, deleting or merging.., specially due to adjusting partitions when you reinstall Windows system, the original partitions will be lost
  • Lost partition due to MBR corruption
  • Re-partitioning drive, inappropriate use of the disk utility to re-size partition on hard drive or errors appeared during re-partitioning process can make you to lose partition from hard drives
  • Accidentally formatting the partition
  • Lost partition by unknown reasons and not able to find in Widows Explorer
  • Damaged hard drive partition

Features of partition recovery application

Partition recovery program is a professional toolkit which was developed to recover partitions that were lost because of accidental deletion, virus intrusion, after system crashes or by any other causes. This application is safe as it performs read only process in recovering partition. This program is designed with easy user friendly interface; therefore even a novice can perform the partition recovery process within no time. This program offers support for all the popular file systems: FAT, HFS, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS, etc. Therefore if you lost HFS partition and looking for the tool to recover HFS partition then no need to worry as you can easily recover files from HFS partition with the aid of this partition recovery toolkit.

How to rescue inaccessible Mac partition?

Mac is one of the most famous operating system on the globe for its best data security features. But sometimes you may have surprised while you may face partition loss or deletion and lose your various vital data on Mac machine. There are some certain scenarios where one can lose their data on Mac due to partition loss. When you are accessing any partition on your Mac based system and suddenly you face abrupt system shuts down, then it may lead to inaccessible partition or partition corruption. Sometimes Mac system turf off due to sudden power surge or through any software conflicts while you are working with your Mac system. In this critical situation there is no such system provided tools to restore Mac partition. In this way you can lose several of your vital files on Mac based system. But even in this condition don’t get frustrated!!! As Partition Recovery Mac application can simply rolled back the Mac partition as well as your vital data at your fingertips.

Sometimes accidentally you may have formatted a wrong partition and lose severe essential files on Mac machine. When you have found some problem on a particular hard drive partition on Mac based system and decide to format it, if during formatting accidentally you have type wrong partition then and format it then loss of data is definite. After such happening you will not able to access data stored on it as it become invisible. Actually the link between the stored data and file pointer has got deleted after formatting the hard drive partition.

In some certain scenarios you may have to change the file system of the hard drive partition. Suppose you are converting file system HFS+ to HFSX by utilizing a third party tool. If that third party tool is not the recommended one then you may face file system corruption and face inaccessible hard disk partition on Mac machine. Another way of getting file system corruption is happening when you are converting the file system through any improper approach then also you will face file system corruption and lose some of your vital data on Mac based system. If you need to rescue partition on Mac and also you want to recover vital data from inaccessible partition then you need to utilize above discussed tool.

There are some circumstances where you need to re-partition the hard drive of the Mac based system. Sometimes when you need to change the size of the partition or you need to create a fresh partition then you re-partitioned the hard drive for your convenience. If before partitioning you have not created the backup and re-partitioned the drive then loss of data is definite. If during re-partitioning of hard disk drive any interruption occurs then also you will lose data from hard disk. Situation becomes even more critical when you find that you have stored some of your crucial data on the hard disk.

Partition Recovery Mac is an excellent application to restore corrupted or inaccessible partition on Mac machine. Even you can recover deleted partition on Mac by the help of this advanced featured tool. It is possible to rescue corrupted partition on Mac, that may have corrupted due to various reasons like catalog file corruption, journal corruption and volume header corruption on Mac based system.

Best Software to recuperate Data from Formatted Partitions

Hard drive is a valuable part of the system on every computer to save important data. Hard drive will be the non-volatile storage medium that supports to access data in the efficient way. External hard disk drives in many cases are preferred to go ahead and take back in the stored data on your system. You’ll find different brands of external hard disks brands like Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, iomega, etc. Partitioning the disk drive will certainly raise the read accessibility in the drive. Partitioning in the hard drive is the method of dividing hard drive memory into isolated separate sections. You can store various file types on hard drive for example .docx, .exe, .xlsx, .rar, .mp3, .jpeg, .zip and also other files. These stored data can be lost in the wink of eye when you wrongly handle these drives.

You may have run into the specific situation of losing important computer data from hard disk partition by improper way of partition, bad sector, unintentional formatting, error occurrence in the installation of main system, power, failure, etc. It’s also possible to loss data as a result of formatting the partitions of the hard disk drive. To explain briefly let us consider one of the scenario as you work over a Mac based system. One fine day you selected to format hard drive to improve system performance and remove harmful viruses. You choose the partitions with the hard disk drive and also have formatted the drive but forgot to take backup from the important files stored around the drive partitions. As such it’s got triggered deleting all of your important data as well as other files saved for the hard drive. You’re annoyed after losing crucial computer data and would like to return your lost data from formatted Mac hard drive partitions. Don’t worry since it is quite simple to retrieve  reformatted drive with the best recovery software. Some of the factors behind data loss on drive partitions are mentioned below.
Common Scenarios for data loss

• Resizing partition: When you are creating new partitions if any error occurs in this process then a data stored in that partitions will be lost
• Improper back up: Before formatting could possibly drive backup of important info is stored into other drive. If you format a difficult drive partitions without having to take the correct backup it results in loss of data from formatted partition.
• Unintentional deletion of files: Accidental pressing of Shift delete keys on your own system will delete the file that is currently opened. The file is not restored back mainly because it once bypasses the Trash can and gets completely deleted. Thus it causes severe data loss.
• Formatting error: When you are converting file system from FAT to NTFS or versa if any occurs this will bring about data loss in the hard disk drive partitions. This lost data can be restored through the use of formatted partition recover file software that supports effectively to acquire back lost data.

You may come across such scenarios that create loss of files from your hard disk drive partitions. Nothing matters as how to recover data from formatted partitions as partitions from the hard drive get corrupted because here you recruit a solution for restoring your lost data with the recovery software. Quite sure effectively recovers lost data from FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+ formatted partitions. Its innovative algorithm modules offer a fast scanning process that rescues data from entire drive within matter of minutes. A number of the other features on this software are mentioned below.

The characteristics is elaborated as the following

• This utility effectively supports to extract lost or deleted over 300 file types along with its file name, size, type and date.
• Ability to recuperate lost or deleted files from different storage devices like hard drive including SATA, IDE, ATA, memory cards, iPods, USB drives, etc.
• This software supports different versions of Windows and Mac OS like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, 2003, 2007, etc.
• This toolkit also retrieve file from formatted drive on Mac and also supports to recoup files from formatted drive on Mac OS X partitions.

Hence this is the most effective toolkit in restoring all of your lost or deleted data from your system hard drive or any storage devices. You can also download the free demo version of this utility and evaluate the recovery results.

How to restore corrupt partition data

Many users use to save various forms of data including files, spread sheets, documents, movies, videos etc in partitions. Have you ever thought of the situation when your system would get corrupt accidentally? It is understandable that many users get scared with the idea itself that anybody’s computer can also get corrupted; this situation makes you to lose your important data. Before this type of disaster happens to you keep the vital data backup for further use in such conditions.

Many users don’t think to keep back up of their vital data. In case if you come across any of the reasons like accidental format of partition or virus attack to partitions data gets corrupted. In this condition you start blaming yourself and gets upset after losing data. Do you have any idea how to recoup corrupt partition data? If no, then it’s not a big problem because now onwards there is one ultimate tool called partition recovery software by using this you can regain your corrupt partition data.

The most regular scenarios where many users come across corrupt partition data loss, some of them are listed below:

  • Accidental formatting: Formatting hard disk will leads to loss of all data contained on it. This type of situation happens because of user select wrong partition when trying to format other partition. Most of the data can be regained from that partition after accidental formatting but user must make sure that, no other fresh data is not stored on that partition unless regaining data from it.
  • Improper exit from Windows: This happens if the computer is reset or turned- off without shutting down Windows operating system properly. This usually happens when there is sudden power outage or the system is shut down abruptly, results in loss of data.
  • MFT corruption: MFT or master file table is a crucial part of NTFS file system architecture. It stores information like file name, contents and permission of all files of that NTFS partitions. MFT references the files as the system search and locates data to perform read / write operations to the disk. However, the MFT of the partitions is damaged due to extensive fragmentation and leads to partition loss.
  • Accidental deleting a partition: Partition from the hard drive could get deleted accidentally while creating a new partition or resizing the existing partition in it. This happen due to less understanding of Windows Disk management utility usage results in loss of data.

The above listed scenarios are some common reasons where many users come across corruption of partition and gets worried of such conditions. But with the help of this software you can regain your data from corrupt partition.

This software searches the entire hard disk for finding lost or missing partitions to select and regain data from it. This tool recoups data even after formatting the partition to different file systems. Partitions deleted or lost while re-partitioning a hard drive that is re-sizing  removing or adding a partition to the hard drive can be obtained by using this software. This tool recoups data from partition getting corrupt due to partition creation process using native Windows Disk management tool or with any third party partitioning tool.

Guidelines to prevent data loss in future:

  • Back up your important data on a regular basis.
  • Don’t store your important data and your operating system on the same hard drive partition.
  • You have to use authorized antivirus program and keep it up to date.
  • Don’t move your computer or laptop while it’s in operation.

The demo version of the utility is available to check its capacity. Just download the trial version within your computer and start the procedure or execute the application, it’s going to obtain all your deleted data and makes visible. If you are satisfied with the result obtained and want to save your data, you have to purchase the software.

How to Restore Corrupted Partitions of windows OS?

Anyone of you looking to restore data from corrupt partition on Lenovo idea pad laptops? If yes then here is a solution for your problem. Partition of hard drive is nothing but the process of dividing the memory or storage area into different sections, each section is called as a disk. If you want to install more than one operating system then you need partitioning in your computer. If you lose or delete partition or if you are facing any severe issues regarding to the corruption of partition then you can use partition recovery software. This software helps you to restore corrupted partitions with atmost ease.

How partitions may get corrupt?

While formatting/ re-formatting and repartition: By using third party tool, if you are trying to format/re-format or repartition your system hard drive  then, during this if any error occurs like sudden system shutdown and process get interrupted then it may lead to loss of data.

Virus or malware attack: Virus or malware attack causes the deletion of system log files which leads to stored data loss from the hard drive partition.

Improper use of Windows Disk Management: If you use Windows Disk Management utility to create partitions, to extend partition or to shrink partition in improper way then it may lead to loss of data.

These are the very common causes which lead to damage of partitions. If you want to prevent the corruption of partitions then you can follow the following mentioned steps. You can keep updated antivirus to avoid virus or malware attack.

  • You must use UPS to avoid sudden power loss.
  • To partition the hard drive you should use trustworthy third party tool.
  • The most important thing always maintain a backup of important data.

Still many of you may lose your hard drive partitions then in such case you can use the best partition recovery tool. Before purchasing the software you can use its demo version. The demo version will show your lost or deleted data. If you feel satisfied with your recoverable results then you can go with that software.

Here is one of the most popular and best partition recovery tool,Which helps you to recover lost or deleted files and folders from corrupted / damaged partitions. This software helps you to recover all lost photos, audio files, video files as well as other important file types. This software is capable to recover nearby 300 file types. The software has an inbuilt search engine which helps to find lost or missed partitions from the hard drive. The software helps to recover data from corrupted file systems like NTFS, FAT. And also this software also helps you to perform hard drive recovery when it is crashed or does not able to boot. You can download the free trial version of this software and preview your recovery results. This software is compatible with all the Windows latest versions like, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP etc.