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Wipe diks is important to avoid data from unaurtorized usage

The hard disk is the essential part used in the system and that is used to store the data. What so ever the data is it has to be saved on some medium and the medium which we are talking about are hard disks. Whatever the data is, it is always important to the users’ point of view. Most of the data is saved in the hard disk by the users of a system not only hard disk there is much more storage device which is used to save the data.

There are many points which users should know, but they are unknown with the things which can lead their data to corruption or even loss. Apart there are some more ways in which user can give his data unknowingly to the stranger (will be explained later). The data which you are saving on the hard disk are saved undergoing many algorithms. The building of hard disk is done with lots of algorithms and process.

Wipe disk is the main point which user needs to know but are unaware of it. Why there is a need to wipe the disk?

When the user saves data in a hard disk, it is saved under sectors and tracks which are inside the cylinder, this all part is inside the hard disk as it consists of the lens which can go to each part. When the user needs data the command is being passed to the lens and that read and write lens do the process. Whenever the data is deleted from the hard disk that doesn’t mean that data is completely erased, it need wipe disk on Windows again the question comes what that means?

When we feel that the hard disk which we are using need to be replaced as you need much space than required, then we some prefers to sell the old drive and purchase new on behalf of it.  So what you do if you just format the hard disk, make a backup of your files and sell the data thinking that all the data had been deleted from hard disk.
But the data which you are thinking is still there as the pointer to the data is only deleted and the data can be recovered by using some third party tools.  And the data can be recovered and can be used easily. This can be avoided you want to know how. This can be done by overwriting the existing data by 0’s and 1’s, so for this, you can download the software from the internet.

The software will repeatedly write the data in hard disk with 0’s and 1’s, and the drive’s data will be completely deleted and drive will be ready for sale. This software can be easily available on the internet and can be downloaded easily, but all the software are not that good and sometime fails to do so better to go with the trail version of the software so that it can be judged. If the software proves to be strong enough for wiping then can download the complete version of it.

Simplest Way for Recovering Data from Buffalo Linkstation

Generally, computers having inbuilt huge storage capacity, still sometimes it gets full. At that time, users need to make use of the external devices to store data. Buffalo LinkStation external hard drive are made up of different capacity ranging from 2 TB to 16 TB and can store various types of data like document files, presentations, audio, video, large movies and more. These Buffalo LinkStation hard drives offer you to backup your essential data also to store some large sized files.

Even though, Buffalo LinkStation external hard drive is secure, you may even lose data from these drives. The files stored in Buffalo LinkStation hard drive may get deleted due to many reasons like accidental or intentional deletion, formatting Buffalo LinkStation hard drive, due to virus attack, etc. Whatever may be the reason for the deletion of files from your Buffalo LinkStation hard drive, the deleted files will not be stored in Recycle Bin or Trash on your computers to retrieve them.

If you are facing such type of problems and want to know how to recover deleted files from Buffalo LinkStation, then you are recommended to use a most efficient recovery tool like Deleted File Recovery software. This software has an ability to perform deleted file recovery from Buffalo LinkStation on both Windows and Mac operating systems effectively.

Some reasons for how files get deleted from Buffalo LinkStation:

Virus attack: When you connect your Buffalo LinkStation external hard drive to a virus infected computer, your HDD might prone to get infect with that virus and in worse situation the files present in your Buffalo LinkStation mat get deleted.

Accidental deletion: When you are deleting some unwanted files from your Buffalo LinkStation external hard drive to manage the storage space. You may unintentionally delete some important files or by accidentally formatting the HDD.

There might be more reasons which cause file deletion from Buffalo LinkStation external hard drive like abrupt ejection, antivirus tool, etc. However, by utilizing Deleted File Recovery tool you will definitely get to know how to recover deleted files from Buffalo LinkStation drive. For more information about data recovery from external hard drive refer this page

Main features of Deleted File Recovery software:

  • This is highly recommended software with advanced features that can deeply scan the entire memory and recover deleted files from Buffalo LinkStation hard disk.
  • It has an easy to use interface that assists all normal as well as professional users to get back deleted files from Buffalo LinkStation drive with ease.
  • This app enables you to preview the retrieved data prior to restoration.
  • This efficient tool has ability not only to retrieve deleted files from Buffalo LinkStation, it can also restore files from other hard drives like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, and so on.
  • It supports to restore files deleted from Buffalo LinkStation HDD on different versions of Windows and Mac OS platforms.


  • Avoid improper or abrupt ejection of Buffalo LinkStation external HD from the system
  • Always backup your important files in more than one storage devices
  • Make sure that the computer to which you are going to interface your Buffalo LinkStation HDD is free from virus

How to delete files forever from computer?

Usually, we store a lot of information or data and programs in the form of folders or files within the system. Some of the files might contain the confidential or business related information which we don’t want to reveal to anyone else. If you got stuck in this kind of condition or scenarios and you want to erase forever all files that are very much private for you, then you should use any file eraser software which could even erase the deleted files forever. It’s compulsory to make use of file eraser software because if you are deleting the files in some other way then it won’t delete the files forever.

In some situations, you need to delete the secret or sensitive data from the computer in order that it won’t be accessed by other person. Or some business related data that have the customer’s details ought to be removed from the pc permanently. Even though, you’ve deleted those files from the system with the aid of the techniques like formatting or re-formatting, etc. But still all the deleted files aren’t yet secure. All of the files which got deleted by any of the above process could be completely retrieved until and unless they’re overwritten with a few other contents. To delete files forever, you can make use of the file eraser program such as Drive Wipe Software.

This software will unlink all the recycle files in addition to overwrite all the files with garbage values to ensure that, it can’t be recovered by utilizing any file recovery software. There are nine different sanitization standards which are utilized by this tool for overwriting purpose. It is capable of deleting the information from the hard disk drive. Even, you are able to delete the web history with the aid of this tool. The file eraser software overwrites the contents of the hard disk repeatedly with a few data at least three times with the intention that all those overwritten files cannot be restored. There are different disk sanitization methods followed by this software are Random Overwrite, Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion, Gutmann method etc.

This software works with Microsoft Windows like Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows server 2003 etc. on both 32 bit & 64 bit system. It removes the confidential files from the hard drive by offering maximum drive wipe methods. This tool will also support the file erasing from FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS, & NTFS5 formatted partitions. You can also utilize this tool in order to delete the photos and other media files permanently from memory cards; USB drives or from other storage drives in a fast and secure manner. You can download this utility for the recovery results.


Drive wiper

Drive wiping means wiping out all data from the hard drive. Only by formatting the drive or deleting everything from the computer does not means you have erased everything from the drive. Even if you delete the files using Windows ‘Delete’ option and even if you empty the Recycle Bin by pressing the shift + delete key it doesn’t completely wipes out the files. Windows operating system just deletes a reference file from the content table that contains the list of all files on your computer. So the deleted data can be easily recovered.  The data needs to be completely wiped out in order to protect it and to make it more secure. When you formats/reformats the hard drive or delete a partition, only system files get deleted, which makes your data invisible from the computer system. The deleted files are not deleted permanently and still available on the hard drive.

how to wipe data beyond recovery? It is possible only by using a good drive wiping tool. But before erasing the data completely, you need to maintain a proper backup of all your important data because once the hard drive is wiped out you will not get back your data. You can use the drive wiping software very easily. Drive wiper tool erases the data by overwriting the files with binary 1’s and 0’s.To make the hard drive more secure, you can overwrite the data multiple times. You can easily select the patters of the bits and number of times you want the data to be overwritten. When I was selling my old computer I thought how do i wipe hard drive on xp, then drive wiper software helped me alot to completely wipe out the data as it supports all versions of windows operating system.

Salient features of drive wiper

It is very fast and effective shredding tool. It erases or shreds data from temporary system files, emptied recycle bin, free the disk space by single mouse clicking. It is very secure and erases sensitive information beyond recovery. It also erases content from different file formats such as .jpg,.exem,.txt etc. You can also select the different wiping techniques in order to make your data much secure.


How you can install the drive wiper software

The drive wiper software can be installed in any version of windows operating system. You can easily download the drive wiper software. In first step you need to download the free trial version of the drive wiping software. After installing, launch the software by double clicking on the software icon. Then you need to select the drive or partition from which you need to wipe out the data completely. On clicking next the drive wiper will start scanning the selected drive. Once the scanning completes the data from the hard drive will be erased completely.