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Smart Way of Recovering Pictures from CF Card

Compact Flash (CF) card is a flash memory device used as storage device for portable electronic devices like digital camera, camcorder, etc. The device was first developed by SanDisk. CF cards are extremely fast, offers high storage capacity allowing user to store more data that may be songs, videos, high quality images and many more. Most popular CF card manufacturers include SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, Micro Disk, A-Data, etc.

Consider this situation; Last week I took some fine photos, these where saved on my camera with CF card. When the memory got full, I had to delete few photos from CF card, which I did. Later on when I was viewing the photos, I couldn’t locate few of my important photos and I realized the fact that when I was deleting the unwanted pictures earlier, I might have deleted these too. I don’t have the backup of those photos; Now, how can I recover deleted photos from compact flash card?

CF cards might have made it very easy for users to store and transfer media files but this doesn’t make everything right for them. There are instances where CF card users might have to experience troubles along with it that may be in the form of accidental deletion, CF card corruption, unintentional formatting, frequent errors advising the user to format the CF card and the resultant to all this is loss of valuable photos and other media files. Let’s study the various reasons that will lead to the deletion of photos from CF card.

Situations leading to the deletion of photos from compact flash card

  • Accidental deletion: The most common situation with the users, while trying to delete a single image from CF card user might select the delete all option, which will erase the entire collection within no time.
  • Unintentional formatting: When connected to the computer for data transfer, instead of formatting other local drives user might select the CF card by mistake and this will erase photos and other information from CF card.
  • Virus intrusion: If the CF card gets connected to a virus infected computer, this will attach viruses to the files stored in the CF card. When connecting this CF card to an updated antivirus installed PC, it will remove all photos attached with viruses.
  • Abrupt removal of CF card: Abruptly removing the CF card from the system while transferring pictures from CF card using cut paste options may cause deletion of photos.
  • Low battery: Trying to use photos when the host device is running on low battery may also lead to deletion.
  • Unknown errors: Due to some unknown errors the user might be prompted to format the CF card this will remove all the photos contained in the CF card.

In case, if you are encountering any such worse situation leading to loss of photos from CF card, it is highly recommended not to use CF card any further. As further usage of CF card might overwrite the deleted photos from CF card resulting in permanent photo loss. A reliable third application usage will help you to recover deleted photos from compact flash card.

Recover Flash Card is an eloquent tool which promises deleted photo recovery from CF card with great ease. By utilizing this application user can easily recover deleted photos from compact flash card that are deleted due to any reason. Recover Flash Card is one of the finest application that helps in recovering deleted photos from CF card which may be of any format like JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc. This tool is compatible in retrieving pictures from CF card that uses Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Features of Recover Flash Card

  • It is a simple application which comes with a very efficient interface making it extremely user friendly in recovering deleted pictures from CF card.
  • Application scans the entire CF card by using advanced scanning algorithm for completing successful recovery of deleted photos from CF card.
  • Besides photos, this tool can also recover other files like audios, videos, documents of various file formats from CF card.
  • You can also use this software to recover photos from SD card, USB pen drive, hard drive, external hard drive and other storage devices.
  • Demo version of Recover Flash card helps in previewing the recovered photos from CF card, saving feature is disabled in the demo version. You can use this for testing the performance of this tool in restoring deleted pictures from CF card.