Wipe diks is important to avoid data from unaurtorized usage

The hard disk is the essential part used in the system and that is used to store the data. What so ever the data is it has to be saved on some medium and the medium which we are talking about are hard disks. Whatever the data is, it is always important to the users’ point of view. Most of the data is saved in the hard disk by the users of a system not only hard disk there is much more storage device which is used to save the data.

There are many points which users should know, but they are unknown with the things which can lead their data to corruption or even loss. Apart there are some more ways in which user can give his data unknowingly to the stranger (will be explained later). The data which you are saving on the hard disk are saved undergoing many algorithms. The building of hard disk is done with lots of algorithms and process.

Wipe disk is the main point which user needs to know but are unaware of it. Why there is a need to wipe the disk?

When the user saves data in a hard disk, it is saved under sectors and tracks which are inside the cylinder, this all part is inside the hard disk as it consists of the lens which can go to each part. When the user needs data the command is being passed to the lens and that read and write lens do the process. Whenever the data is deleted from the hard disk that doesn’t mean that data is completely erased, it need wipe disk on Windows again the question comes what that means?

When we feel that the hard disk which we are using need to be replaced as you need much space than required, then we some prefers to sell the old drive and purchase new on behalf of it.  So what you do if you just format the hard disk, make a backup of your files and sell the data thinking that all the data had been deleted from hard disk.
But the data which you are thinking is still there as the pointer to the data is only deleted and the data can be recovered by using some third party tools.  And the data can be recovered and can be used easily. This can be avoided you want to know how. This can be done by overwriting the existing data by 0’s and 1’s, so for this, you can download the software from the internet.

The software will repeatedly write the data in hard disk with 0’s and 1’s, and the drive’s data will be completely deleted and drive will be ready for sale. This software can be easily available on the internet and can be downloaded easily, but all the software are not that good and sometime fails to do so better to go with the trail version of the software so that it can be judged. If the software proves to be strong enough for wiping then can download the complete version of it.