The best program to undelete files on your PC

Have you ever wished your computer keyboard had a button next to the delete key that read “undelete”? All of us have inadvertently deleted files only to realize a short while after that we still need all or part of the information it contained. Consider that not every deleted file goes missing due to human error. Often the simple task of uninstalling a program results in application files being “dragged” along in the process. You attempt to start up a different application and are informed that a needed file does not exist. Simply losing power during start up or shut down of your computer results in lost data. There are numerous scenarios that result in deletion of files. And while there is no button on the keyboard marked undelete there is a software program from REMO specifically designed to undelete files. REMO Undelete will scan your entire hard drive in minutes to find any file that has been damage or deleted.