Restoring lost / deleted / missing files

The fact that data is not erased permanently from the hard drive, when it is deleted, is not known to many people. Deletion of a file does not mean that the file is gone forever.When a file gets deleted, the data in the file remains where it was, but something called the pointer to the file gets deleted,  making the file invisible to the human eyes. There are hundreds of pointers that are stored on the directory that is maintained by the operating system, that point to each and every file on the hard drive.

Once the pointer gets deleted, the file is not only invisible to the human eyes, but is also invisible to the operating system. This makes the things a little more complicated, because, the data can now be overwritten by new data. It is therefore very important to act quickly, and get yourself a good data recovery tool that can get back all your data, before it gets overwritten. It is therefore essential to immediately make use of a file recovery software, to recover the deleted data.

REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software, is a premium Undelete software, that lets you recover all the deleted files from your hard drive. The software lets you recover data from SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI hard drives with ease.