Partition Recovery Program

Few days back one of my colleague has give an important official file which I stored on C drive partition. And yesterday when he was re-installing the Windows XP, he saw that the partition is lost. He asked me for help that how to restore formatted partition and get back data from that partition? The situation with lost partition arises then the operating system has been re-installed or when the external hard drive is moved to other computer. The following post is written for partition users to know how to restore partition data?

Well, if you have lost partition and looking for the software to restore partition then here is the solution. Partition recovery software is an advanced recovery tool which is intended to all the users who need to recover partitions. This application is designed as a step by step wizard and needs no special skills to understand on how it works and how to perform recovery process. This program performs superlative scan to restore lost data from formatted, lost, deleted, corrupt, reformatted, and re-sized partitions with ease. Go through this page- to get additional details on partition recovery tool.

Some of the notices to prevent partition loss are summarized below

  • Unreliable recovery software is prohibited and use only reliable partition recovery tool
  • Do not use un-updated antivirus tool, use only trustworthy antivirus software
  • Avoid interruption during partition process like system shut down, power failure, etc

Factors responsible for loss of partitions are stated below

  • Header Corruption, Header stores all the necessary details about each partitions present on your hard disk. If this header gets corrupt due to any reasons then you lose access to all the important data from the partition
  • Invalid partition table
  • Boot camp partition error
  • During partition process like creating, deleting or merging.., specially due to adjusting partitions when you reinstall Windows system, the original partitions will be lost
  • Lost partition due to MBR corruption
  • Re-partitioning drive, inappropriate use of the disk utility to re-size partition on hard drive or errors appeared during re-partitioning process can make you to lose partition from hard drives
  • Accidentally formatting the partition
  • Lost partition by unknown reasons and not able to find in Widows Explorer
  • Damaged hard drive partition

Features of partition recovery application

Partition recovery program is a professional toolkit which was developed to recover partitions that were lost because of accidental deletion, virus intrusion, after system crashes or by any other causes. This application is safe as it performs read only process in recovering partition. This program is designed with easy user friendly interface; therefore even a novice can perform the partition recovery process within no time. This program offers support for all the popular file systems: FAT, HFS, HFS+, ExFAT, NTFS, etc. Therefore if you lost HFS partition and looking for the tool to recover HFS partition then no need to worry as you can easily recover files from HFS partition with the aid of this partition recovery toolkit.