Outlook Inbox repair tool to fix PST file

Microsoft Outlook is an email client providing the users with remarkable features. MS Outlook email client was developed to manage mail accounts data on desktop. You can easily access your mail account data even with the absence of internet connectivity. The features provided by this Outlook is very user friendly, hence most of the computer users prefer to make use of Outlook in order to access their mail account data. In addition being an email application Outlook includes calendar, contacts, tasks, journals, rules and alerts, note taking, etc. Basically, Outlook down loads the mails of the associated mail accounts from Exchange Server and stores those data on the system hard drive thus helping you to access your mails even without internet facility.

Outlook stores all of the mail details in single PST file, which includes inbox, outbox, sent items, unread mail, drafts, etc just like those of your mail account. And frequently one uses inbox as it stores all the mails of the mail accounts. Since each one of these data is stored on the system hard drive, chance of losing data is more. Assume that Outlook on your system was maintained to access emails of the mail accounts associated on Outlook. But while downloading certain mails from Server to the system, the internet connectivity was not set properly. Hence the emails that you were downloading became corrupt and did not open. In this case you might need to fix the problem with the aid of Outlook inbox repair tool. Also the PST files that store entire details of the mail account may become corrupt or inaccessible because of the scenarios mentioned here:

  • Accidental deletion of mails from deleted items – If you delete any mail or data from your PST file objects, the deleted data is going to be saved in Deleted Item folder to be able to supply you an opportunity of restoring the information again when needed. Should you delete all the data from this Deleted Item folders them it really is deleted permanently. Thus should you accidentally delete all of the data from this folder you could possibly lose some important data.
  • PST file transfer on network – If you’re transferring a PST file over the network such as huge document through mail, sometimes because of some third party influence the file might get corrupt and hence it will be corrupt at the other end.
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook – When you exit Outlook profile, make sure you follow proper exit method. If you terminate the Outlook profile in unorthodox manner then chances are more that the PST file data gets corrupt at some point of time. Thus you might lose the Outlook data.
  • Virus attack – The incoming mails sometimes are virus infected of course, if antivirus on your system is not working efficiently then a virus infected mail may corrupt the complete PST file and therefore you lose data.

In every such situations only way to extract your corrupt information is to mend the PST file. The repair utility can repair Outlook inbox, sent items, calendar, contacts, etc and just recovers the corrupt data. This Microsoft PST repair program can fix each of the PST files from different versions of Outlook. It might repair Outlook 2007, 2010, 2003 and 2000 PST files. And the options that come with the software program are the following:

  • Effectively performs repair Outlook inbox to extract each of the corrupt mails.
  • It repairs complete PST file including all of the attributes like emails, contacts, journal, folders, etc.
  • Repairs Corrupt PST files that are password protected or compacted or encrypted.
  • It can repair different Outlook versions like Outlook 2010, 2003, 2000, 2002 and 2007 PST files.

This repair utility supports various versions of Windows systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 and Windows 2008. It easily repairs PST files which might be corrupt or damaged so that the file objects may be accessed successfully with no data loss.

If you have encountered any kind of data loss in the Outlook PST files then try to repair using this repair utility and retrieve deleted folders of MS Outlook 2007 and from other versions of Outlook. Site in order to this repair utility go for the demo version of the program this may effectively repair and recover your corrupt data through the Outlook PST file.