How to recover files from external hard drive

External hard drive is a storage device, which can store enormous amount of data. When internal hard drive is full and does not have space to store the data, External hard drives are used. External hard drives are very popular and widely accepted because of its lightweight and portability. They can be use to store extensive collection of files, photos, documents, programs, applications, etc. It‘s memory ranging from 120 GB to several TB’s.

External hard drives are simple to use and can be connect to the computer through a USB port or FireWire or eSATA port.  They offer a great backup solution with exact copy of the other drive and store it securely. You can easily retrieve the necessary files required by selecting files from the drive.

In certain situations, there are chances of losing data stored in external hard drive due to various reasons like accidental deletion of files, improper plug and play procedure, deletion or loss of partitions, and formatting or re-formatting the drive. If you have lost some files stored in external hard drive and thinking about how to get them back, then here is a best possible way to perform external hard drive file recovery.

Prior to discussing about the recovery process, let us have a walk through the scenarios that leads to loss of data from external drive. Following are common data loss scenarios from external hard drive

  • Accidental formatting is one of the main reasons for losing files stored in external drives. Sometimes while accessing data stored in external there are chances that user unknowingly hit format on the external drive. Since formatting erases all the data, it leads to huge amount of data loss.
  • Improper Shutdown of the computer when windows programs are still running:  There are times in which your computer shutdown abruptly due to power failure. In case if there is any read or write process is in progress, then it might leads to external drive crash, which makes your drive inaccessible.

In order to avoid loss of files from external hard drive it is good to take some precautionary measures like ensure that you are formatting a proper drive before hitting format and follow a proper plug and play procedure while using external hard drives.

In case if you lost files even after taking precautions, no need to panic, because as it is mentioned earlier external hard drive file recovery is no more complex. With the help of data recovery software, it is very simple to recover data from external drive. One such efficient data recovery tool, which facilitates to undelete deleted or lost files from external hard drive is Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition. This tool supports recovery of more than 300 file types from different storage drives, which are accessible to Windows computer. Using this tool, you can retrieve files from formatted, re-formatted and re-partitioned external drives. This is the best software, which you can download and try with free demo version.