How to recover deleted data from memory card

A memory card is nothing but small storage device which is used to store pictures, audio, videos, text etc. This memory card is used in small portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and in any other remote computing devices to store data. There are number of memory cards are available in market such as SD cards, CF cards, Memory sticks and Multimedia card. The memory cards are available in different sizes and the price is depends on their storage capacity. Nowadays most of the memory cards available in postage stamp size like Secure Digital card. Most of the memory cards have non-volatile memory technology to store data. Non – volatile memory means the data stored in memory card retains even after loss of power source. Thus the memory cards offer more advanced features over hard drive. Even though your memory card has all these features, in some situation you will lose data from your memory card. The reason for data loss from your memory card may due to virus attack, software problems and human mistakes. In this situation you cannot recover data from your memory card without using third party utility software. You can use data recovery software to recover deleted data from memory card.

Let us discuss some of the scenarios in which data loss occurs from your memory card. The main reason for data loss is your memory card corruption, because the data from corrupted memory card becomes inaccessible. Memory card of your digital camera may get corrupt due to switching off your camera before completion of image saving process. The memory card may also get corrupt due to low battery condition on your digital camera. If your camera switched off while capturing photos then your memory card may get corrupt and you will lose all data from that memory card. The data loss from your memory card may also occur, if you try to store new data even after your memory card had reached its size. Sometimes you will get errors in your camera like “your memory card is not formatted, now you want to format it” then you may select format option and then all data from your memory card disappears within few seconds. The data from memory card may also lose due to human mistakes such as improper ejection of memory card from computer. In all these above situations, you will lose data from your memory card. The best solution is “Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition” software.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is one of the good memory card recovery tool available in market. This software recovers any type of data from your memory card, irrespective of the reasons. This software can also be used to recover lost or deleted data from hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. This software also provides a facility to save recovery session by using “Save Recovery Session” option that is you need not to rescan your memory card if you have activated this software, so that you can easily recover all data from memory card with less effort.