How to Recover Data after Format?

It doesn’t mean that once after formatting the data storage devices like hard drive, flash drive, memory cards etc. user cannot retrieve the data. Even after formatting the data still remains on the storage device itself unless and until it is overwritten. It is now possible to recover data after format on storage devices by making use of appropriate recovery software which helps in getting your data. So we shall proceed further for understanding of retrieval software.Recover Data after Format

“Hi guys, could someone help me out I had faced serious of data loss issue! Couple of days ago my computer crashed a lot due to some virus in the OS. Thinking of formatting my hard disk partitions I accidentally formatted my SanDisk 64GB flash drive unknowingly which had been connected to my computer. This resulted erasure of all my valuable data presented. Can someone please help me out how to perform data recovery after format? Kindly mention me a reliable troubleshooting application. Thanks in advance”.

You could have a practice of keeping all your valuable data in your hard disk or in other external storage devices in order to keep those data safe. You might have thought that the data are secured in those HDD or USB flash drives.  Of course your data will be safe, but there are also possibilities for those storage drives to get formatted due to various reasons like accidentally formatting, intentionally formatting so on. If it happens, you can perform formatted recovery from your hard disk drive, memory card or other external devices using “Formatted Data recovery” software. This tool can recover data from reformatted drive that are converted from one file system to another.

Features of this application:

This utility helps you to rescue data from formatted partitions or even partitions which you have re-installed Windows. Data from hard drive, which are not getting mounted, can also be recovered easily. Data that are lost or deleted from RAID5, RAID1 AND RAID0 can be recovered with the help of this recovering tool. This tool helps you to recover data from Fire Drives, USB external drives, Hard Disks, Flash Drives etc. Data that are deleted or lost from FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5 partitions can also be recovered within a few simple steps.

Some of the causes for data loss due to formatting:

  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card on computer:Sometimes, when you connect your flash memory card to your computer, you may get a dialog message stating “Drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?” During this pop-up window in its place of picking “No” if you inadvertently select “Yes”. Then the memory flash card will get formatted, this may cause to wipeout the entire data available from the card.
  • Formatting the pen drive by using disk management utility: Take this situation, if you are in the plan of formatting an unused partition of your computer hard drive. During which, you may furiously select the external drive partition instead of the hard drive partition. This cause deletion of the whole data presented on partition drive.
  • Formatting during installation / re-installation: This is a very common situation, where you may fortuitously do it. Like, during installation of operating system you may select a wrong partition that holds important files. This results in erasing all the files and folders on the chosen drive and hence leads to data loss due to format.