Formatted Android SD Card Recovery Program

Android is the most brilliant Operating system that is widely used by many of the people to store their crucial files. In these days, everyone own this Android Smartphone to capture wonderful pictures of their families, friends or of beloved ones and record high quality videos, download and install handy applications, listen to music and many more. The storage capacity of the Android device cannot satisfy the needs of the user. Therefore it is needed to expand its storage capacity. Secure Digital Card assists you in expanding the storage capacity of the Android Smartphone. SD card plays an important role in the process of Android device usage. All the files are stored in this SD card of Android Smartphone.

But unfortunately this Android SD card is not protected from data loss. Format is one of the common issue for data loss from Android SD card. If you execute format process by accident or due to other reasons then you end up with deletion of all the files preserved on it. On encountering such situations, the only question arise on your mind is how to retrieve files from formatted Android SD card? If this is the case then it is strongly recommended to make use of this data recovery Android. With the aid of this data recovery Android you can successfully execute formatted Android SD card recovery process and restore files from formatted SD card in few mouse clicks.

Important cautions to be followed

  • Immediately stop using formatted SD card on Android device as its data will get overwritten by new files.
  • It is recommended not to use same SD card in various Android Smartphone’s to prevent virus attacks or card corruption.
  • Never eject SD card abruptly from Android device when it is in use.

Common issues that compel you to format Android SD card are explained here: SD card corruption can occur because of various reasons like malware attack, file system corruption, improper usage of SD cards etc. If this SD memory card is corrupted then the OS fails to recognize the SD card and forces you to format it to continue the usage of drive. Occurrence of error from the Android SD card like “SD card not formatted, do you want to format it now?” forces you to format SD card. Sometimes you might format Android SD card intentionally because of corruption issues that are caused due to virus infection, file system corruption etc. If you want access any files from such damaged SD card on Android device then you need to format it.

All these issues can be resolved within a fraction of minutes with the help of this data recovery Android tool. This program has powerful algorithms and strong scanning process that helps to restore files from formatted SD card within a few minutes. This application effectively supports recovery of files from formatted hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE etc.), flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick, etc.), FireWire Drives, USB external drives, iPods and other storage devices. Now there is no need to worry even if you have lost APK file from Android device.