Efficient File Recovery Software

The NTFS file system is one of the most widely used file system on Windows system. The NTFS file system was introduced after FAT file system, and once NTFS was introduced PCs that were running on FAT file system gradually shifted from FAT to NTFS. The advanced features present in NTFS file system was the main reason for this shift. Some of the key features included the support for larger file size i.e. file size of up to 4TB and better security compared to FAT file system.

The NTFS file system is in many ways diverse from the FAT file system. These features force many users who make use of FAT file system, to shift from FAT to NTFS. Users make use of the Fdisk Utility, to convert from FAT file system to NTFS file system. However, if the conversion from FAT to NTFS file system is not conducted in the right format, it could result in permanent loss of data from the hard drive. The recovery software lets you recover files lost from NTFS partitions. An efficient and trustable file recovery software can be used to undelete vista files.

The undelete software, is best suited to recover deleted files from your hard drive, with ease. The software provides the user with an option to perform a raw search for deleted files, which is very useful in cases, when the drive has had severe damage, and recovery is difficult. The software also lets the user locate and retrieve a file easily using the advanced file search algorithm. Besides this, the interactive user interface and the highly useful Preview feature make the Undelete software highly useful file recovery software. For the best data recovery results, stop using the drive from which you have deleted or lost files. Further usage of drive will delete the data permanently.