Drive wiper

Drive wiping means wiping out all data from the hard drive. Only by formatting the drive or deleting everything from the computer does not means you have erased everything from the drive. Even if you delete the files using Windows ‘Delete’ option and even if you empty the Recycle Bin by pressing the shift + delete key it doesn’t completely wipes out the files. Windows operating system just deletes a reference file from the content table that contains the list of all files on your computer. So the deleted data can be easily recovered.  The data needs to be completely wiped out in order to protect it and to make it more secure. When you formats/reformats the hard drive or delete a partition, only system files get deleted, which makes your data invisible from the computer system. The deleted files are not deleted permanently and still available on the hard drive.

how to wipe data beyond recovery? It is possible only by using a good drive wiping tool. But before erasing the data completely, you need to maintain a proper backup of all your important data because once the hard drive is wiped out you will not get back your data. You can use the drive wiping software very easily. Drive wiper tool erases the data by overwriting the files with binary 1’s and 0’s.To make the hard drive more secure, you can overwrite the data multiple times. You can easily select the patters of the bits and number of times you want the data to be overwritten. When I was selling my old computer I thought how do i wipe hard drive on xp, then drive wiper software helped me alot to completely wipe out the data as it supports all versions of windows operating system.

Salient features of drive wiper

It is very fast and effective shredding tool. It erases or shreds data from temporary system files, emptied recycle bin, free the disk space by single mouse clicking. It is very secure and erases sensitive information beyond recovery. It also erases content from different file formats such as .jpg,.exem,.txt etc. You can also select the different wiping techniques in order to make your data much secure.


How you can install the drive wiper software

The drive wiper software can be installed in any version of windows operating system. You can easily download the drive wiper software. In first step you need to download the free trial version of the drive wiping software. After installing, launch the software by double clicking on the software icon. Then you need to select the drive or partition from which you need to wipe out the data completely. On clicking next the drive wiper will start scanning the selected drive. Once the scanning completes the data from the hard drive will be erased completely.