Corrupt Word File Repair

One of the worse situation for the MS Office user is when the Word document corruption. Corruption of Word file can happen due to any reasons such as malware attack, abrupt power failure, interruptions during Word file saving process, etc. When the Word file has corrupted there is some process which you need to know. Corrupted Word files can be usually repaired. MS Office itself can fix some corrupted Word files, applying a few simple steps and easy manual tricks you can repair corrupted Word file in just a few minutes. Below mentioned is some of the ways by which you can repair corrupted Word files manually on the MS Office.

Computer Switch, Instead of wasting the time trying other options on the Word file, try to open up the Word file on other computer. Some computers act differently and corrupted Word files may works on other computer. You can do this by copying the Word document to external flash drive and then opening on the different computers. You can save file in other format also to repair corrupted Word file. Other method is to make use of the Open and repair operation which is available on the Word document.

If none of these above manual method work and the Word file is too vital then there are programs like Corrupt Word file repair tool which easily repairs severely corrupted Word files. Word repair tool is an outstanding solution for repairing corrupted .doc files and recovering valid data from corrupted .doc files of MS Word. This software helps you in repairing corrupt .doc by scanning technology.

Reasons for the corruption of Word file are mentioned below

  • Use of complex nested table
  • Template corruption
  • Unexpected or accidental alteration that occurs in document text due to CRC error can corrupt the Word file
  • Corruption cause due to MS Word upgrade
  • Existing Word file gets corrupted due to operating system reinstallation
  • Word file corrupted because of interruption which has occur during file transfer from one place to other within the drive or between the storage media
  • Macro viruses can insert unwanted text to the document that cause damage to the original text of the Word file
  • Abrupt shut down of the system while processing a Word file cause severe corruption

If you try to open the corrupted Word file, you can come across some error messages like

  • Word file .doc fails to open
  • Word file unable to open the existing [] in template file
  • MS Office Word file stopped working. Problem caused the program to stop working and will be closed informing you for the solution is available

Generation of above error messages results in loss of data from the corrupted Word .docx files. In such situation it is very much necessary to prefer the third party tool of Word repair tool. This Word repair tool proves to be the most prominent software for repairing corrupted Word .docx file. Repair Word software is done on your own system in only a few seconds, safely and confidentially.