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Restore data from Windows Vista

Windows Vista one of the versions in the series of Windows OS used greatly among most of the Personal Computer users.  Windows Vista has got many advantageous new features such Windows DVD maker, Windows search (new search component) and updated graphical user interface. It was the successor of Windows XP operating system. The system drives that stores all the data on the Windows Vista is as similar as the drives on other systems. The hard drives utilized on Windows OS could be NTFS or FAT file system.

The hard drive data on Windows Vista could be easily lost in many malicious situations. You can practically know about this data loss with this example. Think that you had downloaded some software on the desktop of your system. But this application had deleted few important files on the hard drive without your notice. The deleted files were not even found in Recycle Bin. Thus you had to lose most precious data because of some third-party application. In such situations in order to recover lost data on Windows system, make use of Windows recovery software. This utility can work fine in various data loss situations as mentioned below.

Scenarios that may result in loss of data from Windows systems:

  • Accidental deletion – While using any file on Windows systems if you perform simultaneous pressing of shift and delete keys then the file will be deleted and removed from the drive completely in such a way that you cannot restore it back.
  • Malware attack – When the system drive or any of the files on it is infected by harmful viruses then the files will become corrupt and hence you have to lose data from Windows system.
  • Formatting and reformatting – When you format or reformat the system drive or any of the drive partitions then you had to conduct the process with proper steps. Because the occurrence of any errors during the process might corrupt the file system of the drive thus resulting in data loss.
  • System crash – When the hard drive is having severe software conflicts or if the hard drive is damaged severely due to viruses then chances of the system crash is more which causes complete loss of data on the system.

There are many other causes due to which you may lose data from systems. Each of the inaccessible files can be accessed through recover file programs. The software program allows you to restore Windows Vista files such as word files, text files, pictures, pdf files, program files, video clips like movies, audio songs, downloaded files online, etc from corrupt hard drives. Lost files from Windows systems having FAT12, FAT32, FAT16,    The options in the software that support file recovery are:

  • Restores information coming from all file types like .xls, .doc, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .mp3, .jpg, .zip, etc from Windows systems.
  • Helps to find data from dell laptop after OS crash on Windows XP and also from other Windows operating systems.
  • Restores all of the data from corrupt and damaged computer drives of the systems.
  • Retrieves all inaccessible media files like BNP, GIF, MP4, MPG, TIF, CRW, RAW, AVI, DIVX, etc.
  • Effectively retrieves files from emptied Recycle Bin on various Windows OS computers.

If you are the one facing a loss of data from Windows desktops and laptops then attempt to recover those files by means of data recovery programs.

How to Recover Files on Windows 7

“Yesterday night when I was deleting unwanted files from my system, unfortunately I have click on shift delete option and I have lost all files from that folder. Is there any software through which I will get back my deleted files from my system because that file contains my important documents?”

If you are in such situations where you have lost all files from your Windows 7 operating system then you are at the right place where you will get the solution of your all query. You need a recovery program for Windows 7 to recover files from your system. So you can make use of File Recovery Program to recover deleted or lost files from your system.

Reasons due to which files get deleted or lost from Computer:

Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from computer, accidentally I select important files and delete them using shift + delete option. As a result, you may encounter with huge data loss from your system.

Virus Attack: Your computer may get affected by viruses during transferring of files when you have connected it with any virus infected drive. Viruses may corrupt your files and makes your files inaccessible.

Unintentional Format: While performing some task like copying, pasting, etc unfortunately if you press format option then there is a higher chance that all files inside the folder get deleted from your computer.

File System Corruption: File system is used to arrange the files in a systematic manner in any storage device. If file system get corrupted due to any reasons then it makes your files inaccessible.

Improper File Transfer: During transferring of files from computer to any storage device or vice versa if any interruptions occur due to sudden shutdown of system or power surge then there is a high possibility that your files get lost from the system and become inaccessible.

By using Third Party Tool: If you use third party tool for scanning to remove virus from the system then it may delete severely virus infected files without any notification.

Unique Features of File Recovery Program:

  • File Recovery Program for Windows 7 is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from computers as well as from different external storage device such as USB drive, memory cards, iPods, external hard drive, flash memory, etc.
  • It restores computer files such as documents, videos, audios, photos, etc.
  • The software has Find option which allows the users to find the files according to file size, date of creation of file, file name, etc.
  • It has Preview option which allows the users to preview the recovered files before restoring it to desired location.
  • It recovers deleted or lost files from Windows as well as from Mac operating system.
  • This software restores all media file format such as JPEG, JPG, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, MOV, etc.
  • Technical team is available 24*7 to help the users if any issues occur during the recovery process.
  • Demo version allows the users to analyze the efficiency of the application. If they are satisfied with the recovered results then they can activate the software with its full version.

Awesome Tool to Recover Windows File

I have a computer at my home, which runs on Windows operating system. I save all the important files into it. Recently I ended up saving one important business file in it, but due to some unknown error last night I lost that file from my Windows PC. I want to obtain back that file at any cost, can anyone please tell me how to recover lost files from Windows computer.

Are you as well, suffering from similar type of issue? Then do not worry, just read this informative article completely, it contains all the details of recovering files from Windows computer. To recover data from Windows PC it is advisable to take the advantage of Windows file recovery software. It’s a best recovery tool that includes the capability of getting back lost or deleted files on Windows PC.

Scenarios of losing files from Windows computer are described below:

  • Virus attack: Infection of harmful virus to the saved data brings about corruption; once data gets corrupted you will lose access to the files stored on Windows PC, which finally ends up with in severe loss of important data.
  • Deletion of files by third party software: Unreliable third party application that a person installs on Windows computer can on occasion delete important files from it.
  • Errors while transferring files: While transferring files from Windows PC with external storage device, if any error occurs, and the transferring process is interrupted then there exist a chance of losing files.

In addition to these, there are various other reasons like unintended deletion, formatting, file system corruption and so on. Let the reason be anything you don’t have to worry at all, because Windows file recovery tool can potentially get back lost or deleted files in few clicks of mouse.

Using Windows file recovery software is it possible to recover MS Word documents?

Yes, undoubtedly you can recover Word documents using the above mentioned recovery software, not only Word files you can also recover MS Excel files, PPT files, music files, pictures, video files etc.

Outstanding features that come with Windows file retrieval tool are described below:

  • This recovery software will assure recovery of lost or deleted files from different versions of Windows computer including Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, and also Vista etc.
  • With the aid of this recovery application you can get back files emptied from Recycle bin.
  • It scans the entire hard disk of Windows computer in a very short span of your time and recovers deleted files.
  • The files that are deleted by pressing “shift + del” combination keys or deleted utilizing Command Prompt may also be recovered employing this tool.
  • It can get back lost or deleted data from all types of secondary storage devices including SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, external hard drives etc.
  • There a separate version of this recovery software available on website, using which it is possible to recover files from Mac based personal computers.
  • It’s a quickest recovery software that will get back lost or deleted files in couple of minutes.
  • This software is free from all kind of viruses and malicious programs.

Try out the trial edition of Windows file recovery software. If you feel it’s a valuable product then obtain the licensed version of it.