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How do you recover deleted files from a transcend flash drive?

While you might believe that once you delete a file it is lost forever, the reality is that it’s not. Microsoft and Apple have similar views on their operating systems and the recycle bins on computers work in the same fashion as storage devices like transcending flash drives. The manufactures of these drives and the developers of operating systems understand that sometimes people make mistakes. While finding the deleted files on your own is close to impossible, storage devices and operating systems offer a way to download software that can assist you with recovering deleted files from a transcend flash drive or another storage device. REMO Recover is a large scale developer for recovery software that has a well-tailored edition for transcending flash drives. If you need to recover data from formatted drives, recover deleted files from transcend drives or use secure erase flash drive tools to assist your needs then REMO can help significantly.

When you delete a file from a transcend flash drive the storage device marks the file as “re-writable.” What these means is that while the file appears to be gone and completely deleted from the transcend flash drive, it actually is not. All that happened when you deleted the file was given the flash drive the ability to re-write files over the top of it. This means that if you save new files to the transcend flash drive, the ones you deleted will then be lost. You can use REMO to recover files and data from your transcend flash drive as long as you didn’t save additional data onto the drive. This concept is true for all storage devices as well as formatted drives and the recycle bin on your computer.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive?

“Last night, while I was deleting unnecessary files from the hard drive, I accidentally deleted some vital files fromRecover Data after Format the system. After deleting files, I emptied Recycle Bin too. Later I realized that I have deleted some vital files of my office work. Is there any way to get back deleted files from hard drive with ease?”

Have you ever encounter with such situations where you have deleted some vital files from the hard drive and want to get back those deleted files from it. If yes, then don’t get worried as you can opt Deleted File Recovery software to get back deleted files from hard drive on Windows and Mac based operating system. This software comes with advanced scanning algorithm which deeply scans the hard drive and recovers deleted files from hard drive within few clicks of the mouse.

Reasons behind deletion of files from hard drive:

  • If you are deleting needless files from hard drive and accidentally you select some vital files and perform deletion process then it results in deletion of files.
  • Harmful virus or malware threats also leads to deletion of files from hard drive on Windows OS.
  • If you scan your Windows system hard drive with antivirus and if it catches any harmful virus infection files then it may delete your vital files without giving you any notification.
  • Deleting of files from Windows command prompt.
  • You may delete your files using Shift + Delete option then it won’t store on Recycle Bin. So to recover deleted files from hard drive, you need to use any third party software.
  • Accidently emptying of Recycle Bin or Trash without checking the vital contents.
  • If you enable “Don’t move to Recycle Bin” option then your vital files may get deleted from the hard drive on Windows OS.
  • Deletion of files from Windows OS will not store on Recycle Bin as it bypasses the Recycle Bin because of its huge size.

Due to above-mentioned reasons, your files may get deleted from the hard drive on Windows and Mac operating system. But don’t get panic in such situations as you can use Deleted File Recovery software to get back deleted files from hard drive on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t delete any files from hard drive on Windows using Shift+ delete option.
  • Keep a backup of vital files on some secondary storage device to avoid loss of data.
  • Use good antivirus on your system to prevent the system from a harmful virus or malware threats.
  • While deleting any files from hard drive, cross verifies it properly.

Features of Deleted File Recovery software:

  • This software can easily get back deleted files from hard drive on all major versions of Mac and Windows based operating system.
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface which makes the deleted file recovery process easier by providing simple instructions.
  • It has user-friendly interface which makes the recovery process easier by providing simple instructions.
  • Apart from the hard drive, it also recovers deleted files from memory card, USB drive, pen drive, external hard drive, FireWire drive, memory stick, etc.
  • It only works on read-only mode as it doesn’t affect the original files during the entire recovery process.
  • The software has “Preview” option with the help of which user can preview the recovered files before restoration.
  • Download and install the Deleted File Recovery software which is obtained free of cost from the web and check the recovery results of the utility before purchasing the licensed version of the software.

How to recover lost Word documents?

Sometimes you might accidentally lose or delete Word files from your running Windows Operating System. The Word documents get deleted or lost due to various reasons like Recycle Bin, accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift+Delete keys, documents are deleted using command prompt, Move and Cut command, virus infection, power fluctuations, file system corruption, and improper system shutdown. In such cases your documents may become inaccessible from the hard drive. To recover those lost word documents you need to use good lost file recovery software, which helps you to recover lost or deleted files from Windows Operating System.

When you deleted a Word documents from the PC, it won’t get deleted completely from the hard drive. Only pointers to the files get deleted from the computer. The Operating System marks the space available for saving new files. But still you can find those deleted files on the hard drive in accessible form. This lost file recovery software recovers deleted word document from Windows Operating System. This software retrieve deleted word document from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 Windows file system. The software supports recovery from internal hard drives, corrupted or deleted partitions, external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, Zip drives and password protected files. The software scans the entire hard drive to recover deleted or lost Word document files. Few important features of the software are mentioned below

  • The software should be able to recover  files from emptied Recycle Bin
  • The software has the capability to restore various deleted file formats including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, images, audio and video files
  • The software recovers deleted files from SATA /SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, memory stick, USB external drives, FireWire drives and iPods etc.
  • The software allows you to preview files before saving recovered documents. If you want to recover images, this option helps you to identify deleted images easily
  • You can download the demo version of the software check the chances of recovery using this software

There is much recovery software available in the market; before selecting the software makes sure the select software can be able to recover data from all data loss scenarios. Check the software company has good customer support to trouble your quires while recovering deleted documents from Recycle Bin.  Follow the few simple steps mentioned below to recover lost Word documents

  • Remove the affected hard drive and connect it to another hard drive as a secondary storage device.
  • Download and install lost file recovery software to recover deleted documents from Windows Operating system
  • Run the software to retrieve delete or lost Word document
  • Follow the instructions and according to that restore deleted or lost documents  from you Windows Operating System

Efficient File Recovery Software

The NTFS file system is one of the most widely used file system on Windows system. The NTFS file system was introduced after FAT file system, and once NTFS was introduced PCs that were running on FAT file system gradually shifted from FAT to NTFS. The advanced features present in NTFS file system was the main reason for this shift. Some of the key features included the support for larger file size i.e. file size of up to 4TB and better security compared to FAT file system.

The NTFS file system is in many ways diverse from the FAT file system. These features force many users who make use of FAT file system, to shift from FAT to NTFS. Users make use of the Fdisk Utility, to convert from FAT file system to NTFS file system. However, if the conversion from FAT to NTFS file system is not conducted in the right format, it could result in permanent loss of data from the hard drive. The recovery software lets you recover files lost from NTFS partitions. An efficient and trustable file recovery software can be used to undelete vista files.

The undelete software, is best suited to recover deleted files from your hard drive, with ease. The software provides the user with an option to perform a raw search for deleted files, which is very useful in cases, when the drive has had severe damage, and recovery is difficult. The software also lets the user locate and retrieve a file easily using the advanced file search algorithm. Besides this, the interactive user interface and the highly useful Preview feature make the Undelete software highly useful file recovery software. For the best data recovery results, stop using the drive from which you have deleted or lost files. Further usage of drive will delete the data permanently.

Restoring lost / deleted / missing files

The fact that data is not erased permanently from the hard drive, when it is deleted, is not known to many people. Deletion of a file does not mean that the file is gone forever.When a file gets deleted, the data in the file remains where it was, but something called the pointer to the file gets deleted,  making the file invisible to the human eyes. There are hundreds of pointers that are stored on the directory that is maintained by the operating system, that point to each and every file on the hard drive.

Once the pointer gets deleted, the file is not only invisible to the human eyes, but is also invisible to the operating system. This makes the things a little more complicated, because, the data can now be overwritten by new data. It is therefore very important to act quickly, and get yourself a good data recovery tool that can get back all your data, before it gets overwritten. It is therefore essential to immediately make use of a file recovery software, to recover the deleted data.

REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software, is a premium Undelete software, that lets you recover all the deleted files from your hard drive. The software lets you recover data from SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI hard drives with ease.

Deleted Files Recovery

The common problem with deleting files is accidental removal of information that later proves to be important. One way to deal with this is to back up files regularly. Erroneously deleted files may then be found in archives.

Another technique often used is not to delete files instantly, but to move them to a temporary directory whose contents can then be deleted at will. This is how the “recycle bin” or “trash can” works. Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X both employ this strategy.

In MS-DOS, one can use the undelete command. In MS-DOS the “deleted” files are not really deleted, but only marked as deleted, so that they can be undeleted during some time. This is possible until the disk space used by them is eventually taken up by other files.

Another precautionary measure is to mark important files as read-only. Many operating systems will warn the user trying to delete such files. Where file system permissions exist, “ordinary” users are only able to delete their own files, preventing the erasure of other people’s work or critical system files. Despite these precautionary measures, there are uncontrollable situations in which files get deleted.

A good deleted files recovery software is the best and the only solution for recovery of deleted files. Deleted files recovery is made easy by the use of REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software, which is a professional data recovery software well suited for systems running on Windows operating system. The software lets you recover deleted files from SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI hard drives, SD, XD, MMC and other flash memory storages.

First Aid after data deletion

Most of us are very quick in deleting a file that we feel is of no use, or is causing trouble for running of some applications on our PC. We realize the importance of the deleted file, only when an application stops working. At this time, we make a desperate attempt to get back the deleted file. If the file gets deleted from the Recycle Bin, it is still recoverable, provided some precautions are taken,

  • The first step that can be taken to prevent erasure of data permanently is by preventing PC usage as much as possible. This is a sure shot mechanism of keeping things intact.
  • The second most important thing to be kept in mind is to avoid performing any kind of downloading or installation procedures with the affected PC.
  • It is always a good option to make use of another PC to retrieve the lost data from the affected PC.
  • Last but not the least, avoid saving the data that is being recovered on the affected drive.

REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software, is a comprehensive undelete software, that lets you recover deleted files of all formats, from all types of storage devices. Its easy-to-use interface, makes the undelete process a piece of cake.

The best program to undelete files on your PC

Have you ever wished your computer keyboard had a button next to the delete key that read “undelete”? All of us have inadvertently deleted files only to realize a short while after that we still need all or part of the information it contained. Consider that not every deleted file goes missing due to human error. Often the simple task of uninstalling a program results in application files being “dragged” along in the process. You attempt to start up a different application and are informed that a needed file does not exist. Simply losing power during start up or shut down of your computer results in lost data. There are numerous scenarios that result in deletion of files. And while there is no button on the keyboard marked undelete there is a software program from REMO specifically designed to undelete files. REMO Undelete will scan your entire hard drive in minutes to find any file that has been damage or deleted.

The ease of operating undelete software

Using REMO undelete could not be simpler. All that is required is that you download the program to your computers program files. You can choose to run from the download or wait and start Undelete at you convenience. Once loaded the program will offer you simple choices such as where you wish to undelete files from or what type of files you are looking for. You can scan and recover an entire hard drive or simply look for and resave specific file types such as documents or images.

REMO Undelete supports every version of Windows beginning with Windows 98 and ending with Vista. In fact the latest version of Undelete was built precisely to undelete Vista files. Because Undelete is designed to never overwrite any existing files and will guide you completely through the process of finding your lost files, previewing them and then saving them to safe storage. Whether you need to find and undelete one file or an entire partition REMO Undelete will quickly find your data.