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Basic ways to Recover Excel File

Excel files are necessary for creating reports in almost all companies focusing on accounts, commerce, business and IT sector. In the field of sales and marketing, these MS-Excel files provide bar graphs and they provide clear picture of the work. The term MS-Excel expanded as Microsoft Excel, it is a type of MS-Office series.

There are so many reasons results in Excel file deletion. The reasons could be hard drive failure,files deleted from recycle bin, accidental deletion, etc. Consider an example, where Excel file is deleted due to antivirus scanning. In such situation, the user get  annoyed and he/she thinks the  way to get back such files. No need to worry, it is very easy for you to get back such files. The tool is regarded as  best recovery software that enables you to retrieve deleted Excel files. This software will be able to perform recovery of Excel files in a safe and secure manner.

Some situations, which ends up with Excel file deletion are:

  • Sudden system shutdown: User can shut down the system after completing his work. Proper shutdown of a system is a systematic way of closing the computer; if you do this, your file will be safe on computer. In case you are transferring a file from USB to system and if any interruptions like abrupt system shutdown occurs, then it will result in deletion of Excel file.
  • Third party applications: The user can install the third party application such as antivirus software in order to scan the computer. When the antivirusperforms deep scanning of drives, it removes the virus infected Excel files resulting in deletion of Excel resulting in deletion of Excel file.
  • Emptying the recycle bin: Recycle bin stores all the deleted files.While working on computer, you might delete some important Excel files by mistake and later, when you try to restore that Excel files you need to go to recycle bin. There may be chances of accidentally pressing empty the recycle bin button, then it results in Excel file loss.

This utility is capable to recover an Excel file from above-stated file deletion scenarios. This superior tool supports Windows OS of different versions, for example, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007 and Windows 8 and it also supports Mac Operating system of different versions including Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Leopard. It performs the recovery of Excel files from RAID 0, RAID1 and RAID 5 arrays. It is designed with advanced scanning algorithm to perform deep scanning of drive to locate deleted Excel files. It is a binary tool capable of recovering around 300 file types.

Some safety measures to be followed by user in order to prevent deletion or loss of Excel file:

Try to scan your computer at least once in a week. Do not try to pull out the USB or memory card during file transfer.

Recovery steps to be followed by the user in case of Excel file deletion:

Download and run the software. Select the drive from where you have lost Excel file. Scan the drive to find deleted Excel file, preview the obtained file and at last, purchase the utility if you feel delighted after getting proper result.