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How to fix corrupted Outlook PST files??

Outlook is one of the most helpful applications nowadays. It incorporates and assembles all your contacts and regularly updated information in Outlook app. MS Outlook is accomplished to maintain emails, reminders, calendar events etc. It is collectively secure and manages all your calendar events. You might have very important calendar events capriciously you could lose it or it might become inaccessible then you will be frustrated and be looking to recover Outlook calendar items. The same case may happen to your emails and contacts. Commonly, this type of predicament of data loss in Outlook comes up when the Outlook PST files get broken. If you desire to fix and recover Outlook items from corrupted PST files, then go ahead with ease of PST repair software. Using this program you can easily recover all deleted and inaccessible items from different versions of Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2016. Now we have to concentrate on PST file corruption reasons.

Universal scenarios which cause PST files corruption:-

  • Internet howler: – Outlook requires continuous to access PST files to carry out any work o the server. PST file may perhaps get some rubbish values due to network malfunction. It is obscured database files, so even a petite fault leads to destroy of complete PST files.
  • PST files ruined due to over sized content: – PST files have an exact extent of storing PST content according to the Outlook versions. PST files demeanor size more than the picky size limit will merely gets corrupted.
  • Power break down: – While accessing your PST files, if your system gets shut down suddenly due to power stop or operating system may crush abruptly, then it makes to close the Outlook application persuasively. Then it could become inaccessible.
  • Virus infection: – If your computes’ hard drive is virus exaggerated system, then there is a possibility of corruption your PST files, then all the content of files will be inaccessible.
  • Bad sectors: – If there exists any bad sector due to unnoticeable reasons and your PST files are accumulated on it, then there is a chance of corruption of Outlook PST files.

Outlook PST files could be inaccessible due to above reasons. But those inaccessible PST files are not permanently mislaid; So, It is necessary to avoid permanent loss of PST files by avoiding overwriting.

Outlook PST repair program will permit you to recover PST files from formatted hard drive and after reinstalling Operating System on your system or laptop. PST repair tool is much accomplished than any other repair software available today, it recovers all lost and inaccessible PST files and then recovers all elements of Outlook.  It won’t modify original PST files; it creates a new PST file to keep the path of repaired files of Outlook. This repair software offers you the best leading PST files scanning options like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” to repair severely corrupted / deleted PST files. It can also repair indecipherable PST files in a protected way. It repairs files on all versions of Outlook, and fix all entities like calendar, events, reminders and contacts etc.

In order to verify its capability you could download freely available trial version of this PST repair program. It will quickly scan the complete drive and will recover all lost / inaccessible Outlook files. To hoard the recovered PST files you have to pay for absolute version of this repair tool.

Bring Back Lost Data on MS Outlook

MS Outlook application is avaialable in many version. Users are becoming so much comfortable using this Outlook application. As it is used to keep the essential files like emails, journals, contacts, atachments and so many other PST files safe and secure all the time. All the above metioned things are knows as the Outlook attributes. Once you will realize that your files are quite safe and chances are very less of losing them, then suddenly users realize that some of the PST data are missing over the account. On the Outlook account you may have noticed that different folders are there as the Outlook Inbox or the Outlook Outbox folder. It is also possible for its users to create more than one Outlook account on the same Outlook folder. So whenever any kind of data loss situation occurs, it is very obvious that users face large amount of data loss over the Outlook account.

Have you heard about the lost Outlook PST file recovery? It is the application which helps in the way of lost PST file recovery. Are you shocked? What you were thinking exactly? Something like your lost PST data you will never get back or there is no such remedy which gaurantees the complete PSt data recovery. Well the good news is all your assumptions are actually not true. If you carefully go through this article, you will come to know that once your lost PST files are actually restorable. With the use of some best kind of Outlook PST Recoevry software you will be able to restore your lost or deleted Outlook PST files successfully. When you will search on internet for the best kind of PST recovery software so many possible options you will get among which some are so much useful. But most of them pretend to be the best one which thay are not. In that case it is alsop possible that you may face furtehr data loss kind of problem. To avoid such condition you may follow th ementioned link here, It can assist you that how the best Recovery software should be and how does it work.

Outlook application and all of its attributes are supported by this software in the way of PST file recovery. But when users face data loss problem, initially they feel like thay have lost data permanently. But actually the files are still saved on Outlook account on the computer hartd drive. Till the time you install any new data on your hard drive these deleted PST files will remain there and you can successfully regain those lost PST data. If you work on the MS Outlook 2007 or any other specific edition of Outlook then also no need to worry. To recover Outlook 2007 PST file or the other PST files you don’t need to get too much panic.

Feasible scenarios of PST data deletion are very important. Among them data loss due to virus attack is most important. With the effect of harmful virus, saved PST headers get effected. They are sometime too much responsible for the inaccessibility to the PST files. Accidental deletion of important PST files on Outlook account is quite responsible for data deletion. Emptying the recently deleted items older wil disable its user to restore the deleted files simply without using the PST file recovery software. Exceeding the maximum data storage capacity is another responsible data loss scenario. There is always one fixed file size for every outlook editions. In which cases if this limit exceeds, then it is obvious that you will lose the newly saved files. While upgrading the existing Outlook application, due to the incompatibility problem, may be the files get corrupted or deleted.

Having the best features, compared to any other PST recovery software, this utility is named as the best recovery utility. As it designed by the experts, so that this software can fulfil all expectations of users. With the successful installation of this utility, you will possibly  perform the Outlook recovery procedure without any error. After completing PST recovery you can preview the desired data anytime. Youcan even the recovery session of the the PST file recovery for future purpose.

Best approach to repair Outlook PST file

Microsoft Outlook is considered as the most extensive email messaging tool of Microsoft Office suite that provides several improvements to improve its capability, functionality and usability for effective communication. Microsoft Outlook is specially made to eligible the folks to meet their business requirements and also to communicate personally. Outlook is employed for you and receives emails as well as to conserve the information like notes, journals, meeting requests, journals, to accomplish tasks, contacts, calendar events, etc. Microsoft Outlook can make use of .PST extendable as a way to store great number of emails along with other Outlook attributes. PST is simply an extendable utilized to save Outlook information. Even though it is secure data format pertaining to storing Outlook files, it’s still at risk of PST file corruption.

A couple of circumstances for PST file corruption are explained below.

  • PST file corruption because of oversize: For distinct versions associated with Outlook, they have different PST file size restrict. In the event that PST file size is greater than compared to the specified limit regarding Outlook this leads to PST file problem and inaccessibility. This problem is normally encountered by deleting unwanted emails regularly.
  • Improper computer shutdown: if your system switched off because of sudden power loss while your Outlook program is busy in performing other tasks, and then there are chance of being your PST file corrupted so because of this the loss of Outlook items.
  • PST header damage: The actual PST file header provides the whole info of PST file like starting time and date of creation, located address, etc. If this type of header get corrupted as a result of spyware or virus then leading to inaccessibility of PST file and enormous volume of Outlook data loss.
  • PST file corruption due to file share on server: In case if you shared a PST file over the network then there is a chance of getting PST file corruption as a result of modifications by many users. While transferring or simply accessing PST file in case if you have got power failure then the PST file will get tainted.

Although, the damaged PST files can be fixed using inbuilt PST repair tool termed as scanpst.exe or maybe mailbox repair tool. It is in a position to repair light damaged PST files nevertheless it ceases to repair severely damaged PST files. In such instances, you can use appropriate vacation tool to correct corrupted PST files.

You may also prevent PST file corruption by following some precautions. The simplest way to prevent Outlook data loss is developing a backup regularly. Usually backup the PST files routinely to ensure that once your PST files corrupted, then you can certainly restore the lost data from the backup. For those who have a PST file with great deal of important emails then protect them by making use of antivirus software inside your computer. But even antivirus also affect the countless operations carrying out on the Outlook emails. Sometimes the antivirus tool itself becomes the main reason for PST file corruption.

It doesn’t matter what is basis for PST file damage, it is simple to correct it using Outlook PST repair tool. It could repair and make new PST formatting on Outlook 2003 to 2010. Even highly encrypted PST files can be repaired by using this software because it is build with strong recovery algorithms. It could restore outlook 2010 calendar items, contacts, etc. from your corrupted PST file. The demo version of this software is available so that you can evaluate Outlook recovery before getting the complete sort of the software. You can download demo version of the application easily from the company website.

Restore Outlook PST

Microsoft Outlook is one of the emerging email clients nowadays. They come in MS Office. You could make variety of email profiles in Outlook. All folders like emails, contacts, tasks, calendar will be kept in a PST (personnel storage table) file. Outlook plays a huge role in everyone’s life because it is quite definitely needy in most organization. The performance becomes manifest pretty quickly and reliable in comparison to other email clients. The password protection will give you security towards the folders in Outlook. The size limit for PST file is 2 GB. You could lose files from Outlook because of corruption of PST files. There’s an inbuilt tool will there be to solve the PST file problems approximately some extent. There are not many reasons for losing important files from Outlook as a result of corrupted or deleted PST file. You’ll be able to recover outlook PST file using Repair Outlook PST software.


Sometimes your hard disk’s boot sector gets damaged as a result of some virus attack or on account of another reason. Your PST file may reside in that affected region from the hard disk. For that reason you might read section of the PST file or data within might be incorrect or filled with errors. The dimensions of your PST file could possibly be reducing daily as a result of flow of incoming mails hitting your inbox. For that reason, some of your files from your PST file get deleted. In this case you will lose files from Outlook. When the network interface cards, routers and hubs or other network device have problems, then access to PST file residing on the network server from your client computer may get corrupt.


Another important cause of PST file corruption is a result of improper shutdown or closing the Outlook without saving the PST file. Generally, everyone can experience the improper shutdown with the computer problem. And in addition sometimes in a big hurry, you may close the Outlook abruptly without saving the PST file. Therefore it increases the risk for lost some files within the Outlook. The main and frequently occurred problem for all is the virus attack. Now there is the chance of malware or virus programs are affecting the computers sometimes. These malicious viruses can damage or infect the Outlook PST file. Those viruses will make your PST file inaccessible.


Repair Outlook recovery software can repair corrupted PST files in the Outlook. It restores emails, folders, calendar items, contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks, journals etc. from Outlook PST file. You’ll be able to repairs PST files created in Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and also repair outlook 2010 PST. And it can also support OST files. The oversized PST files can also be repaired employing this software. It may repair each of the PST files which can’t be repaired through the use of scanpst file. You are able to restore emails messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted on the other Outlook folder. It may retrieve even password protected PST files. It supports all Windows operating system versions like Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 etc. Download the trial version to evaluate the performance of the Repair Outlook software before buying the complete version of this application.

PST Recovery Software

PST files are personal storage files created on outlooks for saving all email communication data. PST files are used to store local copies of messages, calendar events, tasks and some other items on Microsoft Outlook. PST file has its size limit. That is different Microsoft Outlooks have different PST file sizes. PST file size on Microsoft Outlook 2002 is 2GB and on Microsoft Outlook 2003 is 20GB. Password protection can be used to PST files. To use the PST files from another location, user needs to be able to directly access the files over server using mail client. Two or more PST files can be used for a single Microsoft Outlook.

If your PST file is damaged then you may lost all important email messages and other information. Then you seek genuine PST recovery software to recover all messages, contacts and other details from the corrupted PST. By using this PST repair tool all data from the corrupted PST can be recovered easily. It supports all versions of Outlook that is you can perform PST recovery on Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

PST file may damage due to many reasons. Some of them are explained below.

  • Main reason to get corrupt your PST file is virus attack that is antivirus is not able to manage or clear viruses. For example if antivirus tool is scanning incoming and outgoing emails, the PST file may get damage.
  • Improper shutdown of application may leads to damaged PST file. In this case you may shut down the computer without closing Microsoft Outlook.
  • Oversized PST file leads to PST file corruption hat is if the PST file reached 2GB or more than this, PST file may gets damaged.
  • Most of the time PST files become inaccessible due to PST file header corruption. Because PST file header contains vital information about file such as signature, file size etc. If this information is lost, the Microsoft Outlook cannot access the PST file.
  • Incompatibility of Microsoft Outlook makes PST file corruption. For example consider you are upgrading one version of Microsoft Outlook to another Outlook version and trying to import PST files to upgraded Outlook version. If the upgraded Outlook is incompatible with the imported PST file then the data may lost.
  • PST file may be getting corrupt over network. For example if two or more users accessing same PST file over network especially in offices then the accessed PST file may get damage.

There are many reasons other than these mentioned above which are corrupting the PST file. No matter how the PST file gets corrupt, you can easily repair the corrupted PST. There is one software is available which is used to repair the corrupted PST. The name of that software is PST recovery software. The demo version of this software is available. By using this demo version you can see how the PST files are repaired or recovered. The repaired PST file can be viewed in trial version. So, first you can download trial version of this software, evaluate recovery results and then purchase full version of this software.

How to repair Outlook pst files?

Microsoft Outlook is the communication application that is utilized by many of the system users. It stores your emails, contacts, calendar events, meeting schedules, tasks, appointments and others. Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 are the prominent versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook runs on the database file with the extension of .pst to hold all of the emails along with all the other attributes of Microsoft Outlook. PST represents Personal Storage Table. Outlook enables you to share all of the essential information via public folders and internet connectivity. Now let us see a number of the loss scenarios of pst files.

 Sudden de-activate of system: This can be just sometimes there can be power failures or operating system crashes with that you must close the Outlook. At this time furthermore there a wide range of likelihood of Outlook PST file corruption.

As a result of compression: In some instances you should compress your files for reducing their size. If any error occurs during compressing also there a wide range of probability of harm to these pst files. Plus the files become inaccessible.

Defective networking device: Outlook pst works on the network server. If there is any problem achievable server this automatically affects the pst files. Sometimes in this case you possibly will not in a position to repair before you apply certain efficient software.

Sudden termination of Outlook application: After saving anything you will exit the Outlook by utilizing Exit or close option. If accidentally your Outlook shuts when you find yourself accessing the PST file, your PST file can get corrupted or damaged.

To conquer the aforementioned loss scenarios of pst files keep a backup of these files. To help you rely on them in the future if you want them. Even though if you are facing problems of pst file corruption you will want to make use of the software that may perform Outlook pst file repair easily and efficiently.

Top features of Repair PST File Software:

This software has the capacity to repair the complete password protected pst files. Additionally, it may repair pst file on Outlook 2010. It is user friendly with all the quite sure. It can certainly fix the difficulties which can be responsible for the PST file corruption. Each of the password protected pst files can also be repaired by using software.

Steps to download the software program:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of software and launch it by double simply clicking on the desktop short cut icon.

Step 2: Nextly you can observe a screen with three options including “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. It is possible to click on “Open PST File” by this software will upload every one of the corrupted pst files and after that when you should click the “Next” button.

Step 3: Now in the next window you need to select the scanning method which needs to be done that’s either “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan”. Use “Browse” button and select the destination path for repaired files and next select “Repair” button.

Step 4:  Now everyone can view the recovered files easily.