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PPTX file repairing after data corruption or file corruption

The answer to persons who all are a sufferer of file corruption, powerpoint files sometimes suffers from corruption, this full comprehension is centered on the corruption and solution to that corruption of files. Have you ever confronted with the challenge while opening your powerpoint file showing error, or even the error message display in your screen like “PowerPoint not able to open or unable to display the images or struggling to display text and in the worst case deny to start files”? If Yes, then this might be a matter as if the files would go to inaccessible state and you can lose your entire data within minutes. Data becomes an inaccessible state than you can lose text, videos, images or any other object that had been included to generate your presentation more expressive and effective.

What could be the reason why behind this loss of data and error:

Many reasons exist which may cause errors but this isn’t set for on a regular basis as some errors are temporary plus some are permanent as these are easy to remove easily but there are a few of the ways in places you can remove error but wait, how come this may be done and you will complete your task. The reasons may be just like the video, pictures, audios, text inside presentation which you have inserted were corrupted already. Corrupted files could corrupt the files like powerpoint file etc and earn them inaccessible.

Solutions that may save your files from errors and corruption:

No matter what error could be it may be easily fixed because there are many ways to correct downsides and something of these is to use the 3rd party tools which is often download online and so are user-friendly which enable it to repair PPTX files.

In like manner repair PPTX files are easy but wait, how come your file gets corrupted this is actually the basic question in everybody’s mind. Most of the time the primary reason behind the corruption or loss is files is human’s carelessness and much less worry about the data. So keening excellence of the user will be compelled him to know what reason is there for loss so let’s see the ways.

Virus is the major problem which can be removed by installing the antivirus inside the system and that is avoided through the general users, Shut off your system gradually the industry time-consuming way and due to this people steer clear of the complete process being followed and to switch of the system, file sometimes saved partially as a result of software glitch occurrences, better to utilize genuine version of the software in your system in order to proceed with the software proper working.

If you do not understand about the previously listed scenarios plus your files is corrupted then it does not even attempt to worry much about since there are ways to repair the file and earn it for use as before. Because of this full work, you’ll want to download the software program from the internet and then use it to the system.

How to repair Power Point Files when corrupted on office 2007

Microsoft every time launch their product with more features and versatility. The  MS Office application is one of the most prominent package launched. In this package, the powerful feature is powerpoint which is used widely in different fields. Different version launched with more advance features and enriched with more qualities.

Powerpoint 2007 is one of the versions which is launched by Microsoft company. The power point was enriched with the pictures, statics, bars etc which makes your presentations more attractive and expressive in order to show your concept/works with a better explanation. Additionally, they vary with the extension parts within the version they are launched in (PPT, PPTX, PPS).

The presentations are often saved on PCs, Laptops, Mobiles and many more devices but they are encountered in different situations by corruption. Sometimes they are inaccessible sometimes they are corrupted, sometimes they are completely lost so in this tongue tight situation the only thing which is left is to repair PPTX on PowerPoint 2007

PPTX repair is not a big issue but has to be done carefully. The PPT files are mostly corrupted due to some scenarios which will be explained later. But the thing to remember is that file has to be handled with care.

The different version are there of Microsoft Powerpoint which also facilitate us to add the compressed videos audios and much more like bars, statics etc. These presentations can be for an educational purpose, professional, for kids etc which make the things look so simple and understandable. Reducing the complexity of one’s ideas and concepts it takes very less place but if not handle with care then get corrupted.

Throwing lights on the fact that these files get corrupted very often this can be assumed as only a drawback. There are some analyzed reasons which can be your PPT corruption. But the files can be repaired and can be used as before. Let’s switch on the scenarios which play role in leading your files to corruptions.


  • Corruptions can be due to software glitches.
  • Virus attack the system can corrupt the files.
  • Malfunctioning of a system leads to the data loss.
  • Attempting for recovery of powerpoint files by inappropriate tools.
  • Abruptly power Failure leads to closing of application improperly which corrupts the files sometimes.
  • Access to files made on new version from an older version.

Tips which has to be followed to avoid corruption of files.

  • It’s good option to have a better back up for those drives or files which have to be used later on and which you find that are useful and important. This option will definitely save PPT files from losing scenarios
  • Ant viruses should be updated every month and should be trustworthy to save from virus attack.
  • Good power supplies to the systems refrain the system regularity and keep s the data safe.
  • On the unsecured network you must not use the be avoid

If still your PPT file is corrupted then you can download the software for repairing your corrupted files.