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MultiMediaCard data recovery tool

Today as modern technology is at its peak, due to which you find many high-tech devices around us. Digital cameras, camcorders, iPods, mobile phone and many more multimedia devices are the outcomes of this technology. All these are easy to use a device. Consider the example of a camera, in earlier days only professional photographer use to take pictures, as it requires a long process to develop that picture. But with the invention of digital cameras, everyone can click pictures. All the clicked pictures are stored in the multimedia cards, which is used by these devices to store multimedia data like photos, audios, videos etc. These multimedia cards are generally known as MMC, these are from the family of memory cards or you can say a type of memory card. It has the same features of memory card like portability, compact size so that it gets fixed in electronic devices, allows extra memory space to store your favorite data etc. Similar to memory cards data from this MMC card can be lost at any instances and make you face some brutal data loss. As it is widely used around the world it was necessary to find a way of rescuing lost data. With the hard work of experts today there is a software to recover memory card data. The software is built with most advance revival algorithms, and capable of restoring lost data from severely corrupted MMC cards.

Although there is software to restore lost multimedia card data, still one should know the factors that lead to data loss of the MMC cards.

Frequently change: As you know, it is suggested that card should be used in the single device and frequent removal of a card should be avoided. But there are some unavoidable reasons because of which you need to remove the card frequently and this frequent removal may result in card inaccessibility.

Users mistakes: These cards are used by one and all these days. Users of these cards may be a professional or maybe a common user, but both make mistakes. It is observed that user might delete a wrong file and put themselves in data loss. This type of mistakes is made when users in some kind of rush.

Incorrect cut paste: You might have the practice of using shortcuts methods while working on your computer. To save some time you might just cut paste the data from MMC card instead of copying and pasting the data from one drive to another. But incorrect cut paste from MMC to a system or vice versa can make you lose data from your card.

Keep all your worries aside because this award-winning software can bring back data from all the above-stated factors in just a couple of minutes. Card recovery software uses it’s built-in recovery program to retrieve MMC data from severely corrupted MMC data card. This is the most efficient and safe software, which is recommended by the experts to carry out multimedia card revival. It performs of deep scan of the damaged or corrupted multimedia card and displays you with the list of over 300 different files with their unique format. You can effectively use this tool to rescue Olympus XD picture card data, as it supports the data retrieval from the popular brands of a memory card and multimedia devices. You can have to look at the retrieved data, before saving it with the preview option.

How to recover lost data from Memory card

A Memory card is a small electronic flash memory data storage device, which stores digital data like photos, videos and also songs. In recent days many gadgets like Cameras, cell phones, laptops, MP3 players and video game consoles etc. start using these memory cards to store the data. These data can be easily moved to your computers, by simply connecting these devices to the system using USB data cable or by connecting the card using the USB card reader and then read the contents to the computer. It uses flash memory that is it can store the data even though there is no power.

The sad part of these memory cards are, even they are prone to loss of data situations like your hard disk drive. It can be a consequence of your carelessness or can occur unknowingly. Consider a situation that you have captured pictures of your favorite pet. Now, you would like to transfer these pics from your memory card to your PC. In that event, you connect the camera to the PC using the USB data cable and begin the transfer process. Suddenly, the digital camera battery becomes low and you will terminate the transfer process. Then will recharge the battery and again make an effort to restart the transfer process. But you will be shocked to find out that your memory card files became inaccessible because of incomplete transfer because of abruptly taking out the device from the computer. The worst case is that you will not even be able to open the files out of your PC this is also because of incomplete transfer. If this is the situation, you will then be worried and got frustrated. But now no need to worry, since there is a memory card recovery tool that will recover your contents. This tool can efficiently recover the data from the memory card within couple of minutes. The software is memory card Recovery software.
This is not the only situation in which you lose data; there are lots of such scenarios. Some of them are:

  • Shutting down the system, while transferring the data from your memory card to the PC
  • Abruptly removing the device from your computer while transferring the content without ejecting it properly
  • Virus infection to your memory card’s file system might also result in data deletion or loss
  • Accidentally deleting the important photo or video from the memory card instead of deleting the wrong or unwanted data
  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card without taking the backup of the data

These are some common scenarios leading to loss of data from your memory card and also this tool comes in handy to recover the lost data. This software supports recovery from various sorts of memory cards like SD card, XD card, memory sticks etc. Not only from memory cards it also recovers data from various devices like pen drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods as well as other external drives. Supports Memory card restoration on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS X to Mac 10.5X and above versions. It is complete software that recovers various media and office file types like text, spreadsheets, photos, videos and even recovers RAW photos from your hard drives or memory cards.

Have you ever lost data from the memory card or from any storage devices? Then, this is the best data recovery tool that can perform this recovery effortlessly. To recover your data download the software from here, install it on your PC and follow these few easy steps:

  1. Connect the Memory card or digital camera to the PC in which you have installed the software
  2. Run the software and choose “Recover Photos” option from the main screen
  3. Choose the drive from which data should be recovered and press “Next”
  4. Once scanning is completed, view each file using “Preview” option
  5. Save the recovered files in the location of your choice

Software to recover flash card on windows

Electronics world has made our life much more simpler, faster and cost effective. The memory cards have become so important in this growing and advance world. Flash memory cards are data storage devices for storing digital data. It is a non-volatile chip which can be electrically reprogrammed and erased and data present on it is stable as it never uses an external power for its functioning. There are number of cards available categorized based on its storage capacity and size like SD (Secure Digital) card, CF (Compact Flash) card, SmartMedia card, MMC (Multi Media card) and the Memory Stick. They are also portable and handy in use.

Windows operating system uses different file systems for organizing the data. File systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 are mainly used in different operating systems. Memory card supports FAT32 file system for storing files in it. Windows is very much compatible with the file system used by any memory card. Memory cards are primarily used in storing multimedia files like photos, videos and audio files.

It is quiet natural to lose data from your flash cards due to various reasons like accidental deleting media files, corruption of card by some harmful virus or formatting card accidentally. These are some prominent reasons due to which one loses data from a flash card. In order to recover flash card on windows you can opt for some best recovery tool.

Photos are the most memorable and valuable data for any individual. If these photos or any other valuable media files are deleted from your flash card due to unknowingly deleting it while removing unwanted media files from your flash card, then you are in a state of tragic. This is the common human error which leads to data loss.

When you are transferring files from your flash card into your computer using card reader then if you carelessly remove the card reader then there is a data loss while transfer. Data loss can also occur if the card is corrupted by some harmful virus which leaves the card inaccessible. when you interface your flash card to the computer and if it is not recognized and you see a error of format the card and you format it then in this condition also you lose your data from your flash card.

The data loss from your flash card can be avoided if you carefully select the unwanted data and delete it. Frequently scan for any virus threat then using these precautions you can avoid data loss from your flash card. In spite of using precautions if you still manage to lose data then with use of effective recovery tool you can recover your data. Remo Recover (Windows) – Media edition is the best recovery tool available to recover your multimedia files from your flash card.

This software has some prominent features in recovering media files. It  has built-in special algorithms for recovering photos, video and audio files from flash cards which are used in mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. It has ability to recover files from formatted memory cards.

The best choice to recover your media files from your flash card is to make use of this software. Stop wasting time on other recovery softwares, go ahead download the free trial version and check its performance in previewed form. If your satisfied then save and purchase it.