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Easiest Way to Find Lost Folders from Formatted Drive

Generally, people create folders and save all their different file types so that they can access the particular file directly without wasting their time for searching files. Formatting the drive is a process of preparing storage medium, it deletes entire data that already existed on the drive and a new file system is assigned to save new files on the hard drive. If you have formatted you drive without taking backup of files and folders saved on the drive, then it would result in huge loss of data that might be important for you.

Do you want to obtain lost folders back from drive after formatting??? If your response is yes, need not worry!!! Though formatting has erased all hard drive files and folders, they are not actually deleted. The deleted data is still present on the same storage area as only the file pointer is deleted, marking the memory space “free” to add new content. Until and unless you add new files onto the drive, you can restore folders from formatted drive by relying on third party rescue tools i.e. Deleted folder recovery tool. But, if you store any new files then it will overwrite the deleted data which decreases the chances of file recovery. So, it is suggested not to use the drive after data loss.

Reasons which make users to format their drive and lose data are:

  • Upgrading the computer from one operating system to another, will ask you to format the hard drive. If you go ahead and format the drive without possessing backup of files and folders residing inside the drive will make you to face severe loss of data.
  • There are instances wherein people format their computer drive in order to free up space on hard disk and also to make the drive free from harmful viruses in case of severe malware invasion. In this way, the data will be lost because formatting erases all the stored folders including files leading to data loss if there is no backup copy. You can rescue deleted folder from formatted drive with the use deleted folder recovery software.
  • Accidentally formatting the wrong hard disk partition containing important data will cause loss of stored files & folders from that particular partition. For example: you wanted to format D: Drive but in haste you select C: Drive leading to loss of crucial data from C: Drive which also includes program files that might necessary for computer.

Deleted folder recovery is the perfect solution for all data loss problems. This software uses in-built scanning engine and does scanning of entire formatted drive to identify file types and then by suing its unique file signatures regains data. The tool has potential to retrieve deleted Recycle Bin files and folders and also know to perform deleted recovery on Trash. The software manual of this toolkit is user- friendly and can be used by own as it does not require any technical computer knowledge.

Here you can download the demo version of the tool and install it on the hard disk of your system. Just follow the screen and choose suitable recovery options. This helps you in estimating the efficiency of the software before you purchase it. If you feel that the software has done recovery as per the need then you can opt for licensed version which is made available over internet.