Approach to restore lost photos on Macbook pro

Photo plays an important role in everyone’s life. You may take photos of some special occasion such as wedding, birth day, anniversary, so on and preserve them forever so that you can remind those beautiful moments when you glance at the photos. Many users prefer to store their photos in MacBook pro so that they can easily access it. The MacBook pro, though very robust and are full of brilliant features, it is not totally free from errors. Due to corruption and some unknown reasons, the photos saved in it may become inaccessible.

Consider a situation where in you have noticed that your MacBook Pro’s hard drive is almost full. So in order to free up space and add new one, you have decided to delete some unwanted photos. Therefore you have selected some RAW photos and gave command to delete it. As you had the habit of emptying Trash Bin after each deletion, you have cleared Trash Bin also without checking its content. After some time you found that you have deleted many important RAW photos along with the one that is not needed. Now you must be thinking what to do? Well, you need not think more because you can recover it using Mac Photo Recovery Utility. There are many such instances responsible for RAW photo loss from MacBook Pro. Some of them are:

  • Inadvertent Deletion: You may accidentally delete some of the RAW photos from your MacBook Pro. You can easily find deleted items it in Trash Bin. But if you empty Trash Bin as well then you may not get any other option in your MacBook to find the RAW photos
  • Virus attack: Virus may transfer to your MacBook if you connect any external hard drive that is infected with the virus or if you download any software that contains virus
  • Power failure: If there is continuous power fluctuation while transferring RAW photos from MacBook Pro to external drive, then you may lose those photos which were being transferred
  • Other reasons: Hard drive failure, OS reinstallation, deleting Volume that contains RAW photos are the other reasons responsible for RAW photo loss from MacBook Pro

It is heartbreaking to know that the RAW photos that you have been storing since a long time, goes missing without your knowledge. But the photo loss problem is not at all a big issue nowadays because you can you effortlessly recover lost raw photo files from MacBook pro with the use of Mac Picture recovery software. This software searches for RAW photos and hence assists in recovering without leaving a single one. Some of the impressive features of the software are:

  • It can recover photos lost due to different reasons
  • It deeply scans your hard drive and hence searches for lost and deleted photos and other files
  • You will also be able to preview photos before you save
  • This software provides answer for a common question on how can I restore deleted pictures from camera
  • You may even search for the file type that you are looking for
  • It provides option to save recovered files in a location that you prefer

If you have queries regarding its features and recovery steps then you can go for free trial version. You can even start recovery and save the recovery session which can be resumed after buying the full version.