Simple Way to Recover Lost Data from Mac Systems

There is nothing worse situation than losing important files on Mac OS. But don’t get depressed! Mac recovery software helps you to recover lost, deleted and formatted files on Mac OS X. You can restore lost or deleted files from internal hard disk of Mac system and also any kind of connected device to Mac including memory cards, USB drives and external hard drives etc. The advanced search engine capacity of above mentioned powerful recovery tool which is specially developed for Mac systems helps in quick recovery for file system like, HFS, HFS+, and FAT etc.

The good thing is that whenever your files get deleted, formatted or lost the file actually stays at your Mac system until it is overwritten by new file. So keep in mind in order to recover your files completely you can use the better and trustworthy application like Mac Recovery Software so if you wish to recover files you can avoid using your Mac system as soon as you find that you have lost important files. The next step is employing Mac Recovery Software but before employing this software let’s have a look on what are the scenarios due to which there are possibilities of loss of data from Mac system. Some of those possibilities are mentioned below,

  • Choosing wrong volume to format in which you have stored important files, this process leads to data loss from entire volume.
  • Sometimes iPhoto library get corrupt and due to which you are inaccessible to stored files from iPhoto library.
  • While transferring files from Mac system to another storage device if system get abruptly terminated then it leads to data loss.
  • Sometimes you may delete important file and later if you empty the Trash without restoring deleted file then it results in loss of file.
  • Corruption of volume header due to virus attack or malware attack leave stored data from volume in inaccessible state which results in data loss.

So these are the very common scenarios due to which you have lost your files. Even if you have lost files from Mac system due to partition, re-partition error, partition corruption etc. then also you can recover lost files using this smarter tool.

Advanced Features of Mac Recovery Software

  • It is one of the award winning recovery tool which helps to recover not only Mac system but also from Memory cards (like SD, XD, CF, MMC etc), USB drive, iPods (models like, Classic, Mini, Shuffle, etc.).
  • Even this reliable recovery software is expert to recover data from MacBook Air that fails to boot.
  • It is capable to recover more than 300 file types on the basis of unique signature along with its name, type, size and data.
  • Erased, lost, and formatted files from Mac can be recovered on the different Mac system like, Mac OS X 10.5 and above including (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) by using this software.
  • Moreover this software is available in free demo version so you can download this demo version and try for recovery.
  • To use this software you don’t need any kind of special skills or knowledge to recover lost and deleted data from Mac system.
  • Mac data recovery process is fully automated and it takes very less time and effort to recover lost files on Mac OS.

Easiest Way to Perform Mac Data Recovery

Within this modern world, you can find there is an explosion in technology, thus uses of personal computers, laptop, notebook, tables, etc. also increasing day by day. System usage is trusted in official works, business purpose, and private needs for storing wide range of data, such as important files and folders, images, audio recordings and files, etc. In this scenario Operating System plays a huge role. Typically the most popular OS’s are Windows, Mac, UNIX, and LINUX, etc.

Alternative user requirement tends to launching different Operating systems, almost all of the users want to have good, simple user interface with OS. Mac OS is the completely GUI based Operating System. It exists in has two series, first is Classic Mac OS from 1984 to 2000 and second series is Mac OS X from 2000 to till date. And latest versions of Mac OS X 10.5.x are Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion etc.

Despite, it having good graphical interface and force away virus or malware, you can find possibilities tending to lose or deletion of data stored in it. You can face data loss or deletion issue as a result of some reasons, then you don’t need to worry because you have Mac Recovery Software to restore your data in previous state.

The normal scenarios where Mac Recovery Software works extremely well:

  • Accidentally pressing command + delete option brings about deletion of files and folders.
  • Unintentionally pressing delete option while restoring files from trash brings you deletion of important files, images and videos, etc.
  • Abnormal closing of the system may hang up some application brings about loss of knowledge. This is due to sudden power source failure.
  • Accidentally formatting of Mac volume becomes source of deletion of files and folders held in it.
  • A harmful virus for example malware, spyware, and Trojan horses infects hard drive of the system, and makes hard disk drive inaccessible.

Safer side has a backup of files and folders, and don’t perform read or write operations after file deletion or lose it may lead to overwriting of data with new one. Utilize Mac Recovery Software to restore the documents which can be deleted unintentionally through deletion, reformatting, formatting, virus attack, files deleted from trash, etc. It supports various file systems like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, etc. It possesses strong algorithm, makes recovery very effective and fast. Data lost from USB drives, external computer drives, micro SD cards, memory sticks, etc. can even be recovered easily. It supports hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. Mac Recovery Software recovers data in the Mac Finder styled interface. It needs only 50MB free space to be installed. It recognizes basic file formats through unique signatures. As well as restores them determined by size, file name and date.

Use the demo version and estimate the performance through preview option. You can download the demo version of this application in free of cost, it only shows the data. It cannot be stored with other location. While installing the application, it is recommended not to install it in volume where you have lost the info, it may well result in overwriting of data. For more information about Mac lost data recovery, check it out:

Know How to Repair Outlook PST File in Few Simple Steps

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which is used to manage emails and its attributes such as calendar content, contacts, appointments and many more. Outlook have two storage table Offline Storage Table and Personal Storage Table which is used to store email attributes such as task, contacts, dates, appointments, etc. OST file offers users to work offline on emails, when the server connection is recovered, this OST file synchronizes with Exchange Server, so that whole modifications are updated to the server.In Outlook, PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It is the most common personal storage file in Outlook which information such as calendar events, appointments, task, schedule, meeting, etc.

However, when the size of the PST file reaches its maximum size limit, then the file may get corrupted or damaged. In this situation, you may get worried and the first question arise in your mind will be how to fix Outlook PST files in few simple steps? Don’t worried? Be Relax! Because, now it is possible to repair Outlook PST files with the assistance of Repair Outlook PST software within short number of steps. This is one of the most recommended software’s specially designed to fix PST Outlook files and it recovers all PST attributes like emails, journals, tasks, etc. on various versions of Outlook like 2002, 2003, 2010 and so on.

Common scenarios that leads to Outlook PST file corruption:

  • Bad Sectors: Sectors on a storage device can get corrupted due to various reasons. If your PST files are stored on such sectors, it can become inaccessible.
  • Improper Termination: Sometimes, while working with PST file on Outlook, an abrupt shutdown of system can leads to improper termination Outlook application which may cause of PST file corruption.
  • File Transfer Interruption: Sometimes, if any sort of interruption occurs while transferring files from one storage device to other such as abrupt removal of hard drive from computer can leads to file corruption.
  • Outlook Up-gradation: If any sort of interruption occurs when you are upgrading from older version to new version can leads to PST file corruption which makes its file inaccessible.

All of these reasons behind the damage or corruption of Outlook PST files are quite common. But there is no need for tension about PST corruption, because an efficient repair tool named as Repair Outlook PST software is available which is capable in fixing Outlook PST files in an effortless way.

Features of Repair Outlook PST software:

  • This is highly recommended tool specially designed by highly technicians to fix PST file on almost all version of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2010 and so on.
  • This tool is compatible with repairing PST file on almost all latest version of Windows operating system such as Windows server 2008 or 2003, and Windows 8,7,XP, and so on
  • This application has inbuilt strong scanning algorithm which scans and repair PST files with all attributes such as emails, tasks, documents, journals, calendar, appointments and many more.
  • This application is also capable of repairing PST file as well as OST (Offline Storage Table) file without any difficulties.
  • With the assistance of this application, you can preview a repaired PST file on Outlook prior before storing it in a preferred location in your system.

Reliable Application to Recover Broken Memory Card Data

Yesterday I had downloaded videos and songs on my system. While transferring files from system to memory card, suddenly system shut down due to power failure. When I restart my files get lost from my system. This is a horrible condition for user since all stored files get lost from memory card. Under such condition you are searching for some reliable application to recover data from broken memory card in a hassle free way. Can anyone suggest how to recovers files from broken memory card?

If you are facing similar problem no need to worry, just make use of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery to restore data in few simple steps. This is one of reliable tools that perform broken memory card data recovery without any issues. It is compatible in recovering files from different brands of memory card such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, Sony, etc. You can easily download and use this application on all the latest version of Mac and Windows operating system. This recovery tool is safe and secure since it is free from virus/malware attack. Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool is available online that recovers lost data from broken memory card.

Reasons due to which memory card gets broken

Virus Attack: Sometimes virus enters into the system when you are connected to infected system or downloading content with unauthorized. As a result of which memory card gets broken and you are unable to access such files. This scenario leads to data loss from memory card.

File System Corruption: The file system finds location of files and folder of any storage device. When the file system is corrupted due to virus attack, then it results corruption of memory card. Due to this scenario all files and folder get lost from memory card and you have to suffer from severe data loss.

Bad Sector: It is normally a small space on memory card which get damaged to some extent. If you save any file over it then files gets lost and become inaccessible. This scenario is responsible for data loss from memory card.

Other Factor: Several other factor responsible for data loss from memory card are human error such as accidental delete or format, improper file transfer, etc. You can use this application to recover files from above mentioned scenarios.

Features of this advanced recovery tool

  • This recovery tool can be easily downloaded and used on all the versions of Windows and Mac based system.
  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from memory card media files on both Windows and MAC operating system.
  • It easily search the recovered files from Find option on the basis of their unique features like File name, file size, date of creation, etc.
  • This software performs data recovery from memory card of various popular brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kinston, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  • It easily recover files from various memory cards like SD card, xD card, MMC card, SDHC SDXC card, compact flash cards, Mini SD, Micro SD, etc.

Note: To know step by step procedure to recover files from broken memory card, continue reading here.

Simple Way to Recover Images

Memory cards will be the most innovative technology because they let you carry information including photos, papers, and videos throughout mechanical type anywhere you want. Memory cards have become tiny storage space units which can be coded in order in order to take advantage enormous Memory potential inside condensed space. The particular features which have rendered memory cards common are generally less power consumption along with quickly data transfer speed. Therefore, memory cards are routine employed now-a-days to save various types of media files such as films, audio tracks and images. Consequently, it’s extremely regularly to get rid of valuable video files residing in SD cards because of just about any necessary factors.

In the event that these kinds of circumstance comes up, on that you need to recover deleted videos from SD card? Besides, you can conduct memory card photo recovery as a way to recover deleted images from memory card. Prior to that merely look into a number of repeated leads to file loss from Memory cards.

Common file loss cases from memory card:

Accidentally removed: Photos and video clips from memory cards could possibly get removed unintentionally. In order to remove several media files along with alternatively one or more video clips acquire erased unintentionally or even eliminating each of the photos and videos from digital cam.

Accidental formatting: Selecting memory card instance of formatting other drives can lead to data loss.

Improper Use: Incorrect using of memory card like pulling it out suddenly even though file transferring is not completed can make entire data inaccessible by which you can face data loss issue.

Incomplete Move Process: Sudden power surge or forceful turn off with the system even though some file transfer procedure remains, it can damage the actual media files. Inappropriate placement or ejection of memory card could be the other reason for deletion of media files from the Memory Card.

Due to be able to Malware: Spyware can be a reason for memory card corruption. Memory cards will get corrupted due to spyware attack and therefore makes the media files kept inside inaccessible. Several important media files might be cleared even though the anti-virus looking at is happening.

If you can lose or delete your media file in any mentioned scenario from a memory card on such case, you might still retrieve the particular misplaced files with the aid of an advanced recovery program such as Photo Recovery Software. Bear in mind that you must quit by using memory card in order to prevent the misplaced media files from obtaining over-written. A number of essential features of this application that will definitely occur handy within recovering lost media files from memory cards are reviewed throughout information beneath.

Photo Recovery Software scans the entire memory card and recover deleted or lost files without any difficulty. Files deleted from memory card by improper formatting may be restored by applying this program. It rescues the particular media files even though your upgradation in the operating system. This software can easily retrieve associated with video clip file sorts like MOV, MPEG, AVI, and 3GP etc. as well as RAW digital camera images. Therefore, you have to download the software program and also retrieve each of the Media files misplaced from a Memory Card. If you are searching the solution for flash card data recover then follow this link:

Solution to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File

Outlook is an advantage for your tiny organizations. This makes the data supervision and also transfer in a simple way. This raises the pace as well as accuracy and reliability of the files supervision because information will be maintained in a methodical manner. The actual Prospect inside will have those things such as RSS feeds, address book, appointments, contact, remainder, etc. You can manage the info quickly with such features. The actual mailing method can be really simple to use. You may also possess the customized e-mail settings similar to producing the particular folders to primary giving her a very emails coming from number of contacts. This assists you find the emails of the particular individuals very easily.

Sometimes, your PST file out of the blue stops and you may lose the access to the files inside it. Assume there’s a conflict of the Outlook application information with some from the other programs using the PC then Outlook may freeze. You will discard all of the important information for the PST file. Your emails, contacts, journal, address book, etc. info will be gone at a time. What you can do after that? Are there in whatever way out from the data loss? Don’t panic simply by thinking much. There is an answer just for this. It is possible to repair your PST information through repairing the particular PST file using MS Outlook repair utility. Soon after fixing, you will be able to recover the actual files from the PST file. PST File Repair Software enables you to repair PST file effortlessly.

Several Typical Cases where Outlook Stops Working:

Unexpected Power Surge: The energy spikes on account of some devastating situations similar to OS malfunctioning, software program conflict on the PC, abrupt shut down of computer, and so forth. Because circumstance, you could lost the information in the PST file due to file corruption error. In that case, you may need repair application to get the info about it. PST File Repair Software enables you to fix PST file effectively.

Incorrect Usage of PST File: The particular PST file must be employed effectively from the consumers. It’s not necessary to retain a lot more files into it with there being odds of over sizing associated with PST and getting corrupted. You shouldn’t share the actual PST file in the open network. Or else the particular PST file could possibly be damaged and you will probably lose the information in it. However, you can easily fix the actual PST file making use of repair program and also recuperate the information within it effortlessly using restore application.

Faulty software: The actual Outlook software files might be flawed. You need to be cautious when you’re getting the issue with the application through the day one. If you forget it you need to pay for it at some point. When you have lost your data in that scenario you’ll be able to restore the particular PST file making use of fix application.

After up-gradation: The Outlook might be up-graded towards the higher version. You will lose the data files soon after up-grading the Outlook. The particular PST file will go inaccessible. In that case, you need to restore the particular PST file as well as retrieve the info in it. PST File Repair Software helps you to restore the actual PST file successfully.

Advanced Options that Come with PST File Repair Software:

  • The PST File Repair Software enables you to retrieve lost emails Outlook freezes.
  • The software can help you in restoration of files on Outlook of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP as well as Windows 8 OS.
  • The software is Outlook 2003 PST repair utility also you can even restore Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, 2002 using the software program.
  • The software features rigorous scanning procedure to correct PST files to recover each of the Outlook items. Try the trial version of the software for additional information.

How to Recover Files on Windows 7

“Yesterday night when I was deleting unwanted files from my system, unfortunately I have click on shift delete option and I have lost all files from that folder. Is there any software through which I will get back my deleted files from my system because that file contains my important documents?”

If you are in such situations where you have lost all files from your Windows 7 operating system then you are at the right place where you will get the solution of your all query. You need a recovery program for Windows 7 to recover files from your system. So you can make use of File Recovery Program to recover deleted or lost files from your system.

Reasons due to which files get deleted or lost from Computer:

Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from computer, accidentally I select important files and delete them using shift + delete option. As a result, you may encounter with huge data loss from your system.

Virus Attack: Your computer may get affected by viruses during transferring of files when you have connected it with any virus infected drive. Viruses may corrupt your files and makes your files inaccessible.

Unintentional Format: While performing some task like copying, pasting, etc unfortunately if you press format option then there is a higher chance that all files inside the folder get deleted from your computer.

File System Corruption: File system is used to arrange the files in a systematic manner in any storage device. If file system get corrupted due to any reasons then it makes your files inaccessible.

Improper File Transfer: During transferring of files from computer to any storage device or vice versa if any interruptions occur due to sudden shutdown of system or power surge then there is a high possibility that your files get lost from the system and become inaccessible.

By using Third Party Tool: If you use third party tool for scanning to remove virus from the system then it may delete severely virus infected files without any notification.

Unique Features of File Recovery Program:

  • File Recovery Program for Windows 7 is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from computers as well as from different external storage device such as USB drive, memory cards, iPods, external hard drive, flash memory, etc.
  • It restores computer files such as documents, videos, audios, photos, etc.
  • The software has Find option which allows the users to find the files according to file size, date of creation of file, file name, etc.
  • It has Preview option which allows the users to preview the recovered files before restoring it to desired location.
  • It recovers deleted or lost files from Windows as well as from Mac operating system.
  • This software restores all media file format such as JPEG, JPG, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, MOV, etc.
  • Technical team is available 24*7 to help the users if any issues occur during the recovery process.
  • Demo version allows the users to analyze the efficiency of the application. If they are satisfied with the recovered results then they can activate the software with its full version.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac Computer?

Mac Computers is a popular model made by Apple. Introduced in 1984, this Macintosh has graphical user interface (GUI) that uses windows, icons, and a mouse which makes somewhat easy for beginners to use this computer efficiently. Moreover, this GUI is embedded into the operating system, which means all applications that run on a Macintosh computer have a similar user interface. Once a user has become familiar with one application, he or she can learn new applications quite easily. There are many different Macintosh models and configuration available, which varies with degrees of speed and power.

Apple has really done a great work by providing Trash folder on Mac which keeps all deleted files on your Mac computer. So you can restore them back at any time when needed. Suppose think you have deleted music files and even emptied the Trash folder, what could be done?  In this situation, you don’t have any chances of recovering your deleted data back. It is clear that you will be worrying about your music files which you have deleted unknowingly. But you can still have some hope to get back your deleted files because the deleted file still remains on your Mac computer and you will think about searching for those deleted files in your PC. Just wait! It is not so easy to recover those deleted files manually. But, no need to worry as you can take assistance of deleted file recovery Mac which can safely recover all the deleted files within minutes.

Thus to recover all the deleted files you can make use of this deleted file recovery Mac software which can be easily handled by any beginner, because it comes with simple GUI which is easy to understand, as a result of which it can safely recover your deleted files without any damage.

Some Common Reasons for Deletion of Files from Apple Computer:

 Accidental Deletion: This is the most common reasons for losing files from Apple computer. Just assume you want to delete some old files from Apple desktop \ laptop in order to your memory space. To achieve this task during the selection of data you may accidentally select few important files and perform deletion operation, soon after this incidence you even empty Trash folder. This sort of situation results in data loss.

Use of Third Party Applications: Utilizing third party applications to organize, manage or boost up desktop \ laptop performance will result in deletion of important files from Apple computer.

Cut and Paste Operation: Most of them usually make use of cut paste operation to move files from one location to another.  In Apple computer, during the process if any sort of interruption occurs like sudden system shutdown due to unexpected power failure then it may lead to data loss.

Whatever may be the reason behind file deletion from Mac computer, don’t get tensed because with the help of deleted file recover Mac software, you can easily retrieve all your lost files from Mac hard drive in a easy way.

Features of this recovery software:

  • Helps to recover all media files like videos, songs etc
  • Retrieve files from formatted partitions, even after re-installing of OS
  • Restore files from partitions which are deleted or missing due to partitioning errors
  • Recovered data can be previewed before saving also Recovered files can be saved to any desired location on your Mac OS.

Guide to Repair AVI Codec Error

AVI files contain digital information in both audio and video file developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is widely used because it can be playback with variety of media players. It allows users to explore the stored information which can be visual, audio or both. AVI files are one type of file format which ends up with file extension .avi.

This is one side of information about the AVI files while coming to the other side AVI files are depends on the codes. With the help of the Codec, audio and video stream are arrange in the AVI files. Codec is a way of computer program used for coding and decoding of the data. These are used to encode stream and signal which help in easy transmission or any storage. This codec programmer files   are used in many application like video files, video conferencing, streaming media and different video streaming applications as because of its wide applications.

Let us see the use of codec in one scenario for an example- As we all know the function of camera, it is used to collect the digital data and save it for further use. In a video camera stores the signals into ADC which analog to digital compressor and then thus file is needed to undergo the compressor. With thus video compressor performs for the storage or the any transmission of files. The receive file run the signals through the video decompressor and then it converts to digital to analog converter which display the information of files.

Normally it works well on all the different media players, but sometimes codec error will takes place. Due to this error, An AVI file become inaccessible and doesn’t work on any media player. At this stage, you need to fix AVI codec error file with the help of the software. To get the software, you need to download the full version of it in order to perform the task to repair AVI codec error with ease. This Repair AVI Software tool works well to repair inaccessible file with the help of its strong inbuilt algorithm. Before knowing more about this tool features and applications, let u s know the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI files.

Reasons for the codec error in AVI files:

  • When the codec is not properly downloaded, then it leads to the inaccessible of file s which is due to the codec error.
  • If you are trying to change the file format of AVI file, then there is chance that codec error takes place. If the codec error occurs then the AVI file becomes useless.
  • The other reason for the codec error is the missing of the code of the AVI file, then that particular file become inaccessible.
  • When the virus attack to the file, then the file gets corrupt and it will be no use until it repairs. This is the general reason for the inaccessible of file

Whatever the reasons behind the inaccessible of AVI file, Repair AVI Utility allows you to access file again with the help of its features. The different features of this repair tool are discussed below.

  • It works well on almost all the different versions of Mac OS
  • With the help of this software, you can also repair the different formats like DivX, MP4, and Avi etc.
  • It also supports the latest version Windows operating system.

How to Recover iPhoto on Mac Computer?

iPhoto is an  image processing software developed by Apple Inc. iPhoto deals with all kinds of digital picture. By default iPhoto is installed in every Mac computers. IPhoto application are commonly used by the graphic designer for editing and sharing of digital images. iPhoto helps in importing and saving of pictures from external storage device to a user’s iPhoto Library. iPhoto supports all types of image and video file formats from digital cameras. iPhoto all digital camera without installing additional drivers.

Do you want to recover iPhoto on mac? Are you thinking “how do I recover iPhoto on mac “Don’t worry with the help of professional tool you can recover all lost iPhoto from your Mac personal computer.

Mac iPhoto Recovery Tool help you to retrieve deleted digital photos from Mac iPhoto library due to various reasons. This Recovery Software has the ability to retrieve lost photos from formatted, damaged or corrupted Mac hard drive.

This advanced tool can retrieve up to 300 different file types from Mac computers. Edit new file signatures option helps in finding and restoring of lost data easily without any delay. It is a modern application which is specialized in recovering multimedia files like photos, videos and songs from Mac internal and portable hard drive using advanced algorithms. The unique feature of Mac iPhoto Recovery Tool are:

  • This quality software will help you to recover iPhoto on Mac machine.
  • It is user friendly, so even non-technical user can easily restore iPhoto on Mac computers
  • This tool help to fetch deleted photos from deleted or corrupt Mac iPhoto library.
  • This software supports in all Mac operating system including Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard
  • It can recover lost photos from inaccessible and crashed iPhoto library on all Macintosh machines like Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air.
  • RAW photos taken using digital cameras can be easily recovered. It supports RAW file types like MOS, ORF, PEF, RW2, DCR, K25, KDC etc.
  • It works effectively on both 32 bit and 64 bit Macintosh computers. They are also supported in Intel and PowerPC based Mac personal computers.

Common iPhoto loss situations

  • Unauthorized third party application may delete iPhoto from your Mac personal computer .As Mac users depend on third party application for easy sharing of iPhoto on social networking sites. Sometimes this application may result in loss of photo from Mac computers.
  • Frequent alteration in system file system may lead to loss of photo from iPhoto applications. These file system include HFS+, FAT 16, HFS, FAT 32 and HFSX file systems
  • ‘Shift + Command + Delete “operation deletes image file from hard drive without holding it in trash. Sometimes user accidently delete necessary file instead of other file. It is better to cross check the content before performing this operation.
  • Formatting volume will remove all photos in the hard drive. At the time of formatting you will ensure that you have a backup of all important photos in a storage device.
  • Header corruptions in Mac volume results in iPhoto corruption and data loss from your Mac hard drive.
  • Journal corruption and system errors on Mac computers may corruption Mac iPhoto library.
  • Improper termination of iPhoto application when synchronization of photos in progress may result in loss of image files